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The guard is an unnamed man working for King George in "Lady of the Lake".


Before the Curse

Guard 203 1
Charming kills the guard. ("Lady of the Lake")

Ruth is decorating the cabin as Charming approaches the place from down the road. "Mother, the place looks beautiful. Would you come inside?" he asks of her, "I'm sorry if I want things to be perfect when I meet the girl my son is going to marry." Ruth tells him. He halts her, "Did you hear that?" he asks her, "Go in, bolt the door, no matter what happens, stay inside." he warns her, Ruth nods and obliges, heading inside. Charming draws his sword and runs up the road, expecting soldiers, and he's correct, knights arrive from all closings and surround the prince, "What? That's it?" he asks. An arrow is fired at Charming but he ducks out of the way, causing the arrow to stab another soldier in the chest, he falls from his horse. Charming rolls across the ground and gets to his feet where he battles one soldier and defeats him, killing him with his sword, another two come at him and Charming engages in a sword fight, he stabs one and harms another before yet another knight begins to chase him. Charming runs onto a wagon and sways his sword, wounding the knight's neck, killing him. Soon, a knight on a horse gallops towards Charming stabs him across the chest as he passes, before striking down another. He leaps across the wagon and battles two soldiers, he stabs one of them, defeating him, and continues with the other. He places his hands on his shoulders and flips off of the wagon, snapping the knight's neck as he does so. ("Lady of the Lake")

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