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The king shall decide your fate.

The guard in an unnamed man working for King George seen in "7:15 A.M.".


Before the Curse

Guard 110 01
The guard locks Snow White up. ("7:15 A.M.")

When Snow sneaks into King George's castle to confess her love to Prince Charming, she wears a hood and carries a basket of flowers as disguise. Once at her destination, Snow takes off her cloak and ditches the basket of flowers. As she heads to Charming's room, she hears a noise coming from behind her, so she hides behind a pillar, almost getting caught when she drops her note from the prince. However, it is just the prince that walks by, but before Snow has a chance to see him, she is grabbed from behind by a guard. The guard takes Snow down to the dungeon and locks her in one of the cells. She protests, claiming to be a royal emissary. Having read the note she received from the prince, the guard refuses to believe her. He tosses the note at Snow and then locks the door, stating the King shall decide her fate. As the guard leaves, Snow shakes the bars of the cell in hopes of escaping.

Guard 110 02
The guard accompanies King George. ("7:15 A.M.")

Snow meets two dwarfs whilst in her cell an eventually escapes with them. However, they're split up when Stealthy and Grumpy decide to go in a different direction to Snow. In the courtyard, the two dwarfs make their way to escape, but they're stopped by King George and his men. Stealthy tells Grumpy to run, but only he does, and he's shot by an archer, killing him. Grumpy runs to his dead friend's body. George asks where "the girl" is, but Grumpy, playing dumb, asks what girl. King George impatiently demands Grumpy be killed, so a guard readies his sword. As he's about to swing, Snow shows up, asking if they're looking for her. They all look over to Snow, who's holding fire over a pile of straw. She tells the King to let Grumpy go, or she will set the castle on fire. Knowing she isn't bluffing, George tells Grumpy to be gone. He refuses to leave at first, but then one of the the guard kicks him away. The fire is then taken of Snow and she's restrained by the guards. King George tells her that they need to talk. ("7:15 A.M.")

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