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Grumpy is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time.


After the Third Curse

Season 6

610 20
The dwarfs have a run in with the "Evil Queen". ("Wish You Were Here")

When the Evil Queen wishes for Emma to have never been the savior, the latter finds herself transported to a wish realm where she grew up a coddled princess thanks to the Dark Curse never having been cast. In this reality, Stealthy never died, and Grumpy, along with the rest of the dwarfs, has aged a fair bit across the twenty-eight years that have passed since Emma was born. They witness her blowing out her candles at her birthday ceremony, and proceed to whistle through the Enchanted Forest with their pickaxes in tow. They are the first thing Regina sees upon her entry to this realm, having wished herself there in order to rescue Emma, but, when she tries asking them for help, they mistake her for the Evil Queen and begin to run away. Grumpy exclaims that the war is not over and that the Charmings must be warned. The next day, the dwarfs attend the knighting ceremony for Sir Henry, which Regina interrupts - kitted out like the Evil Queen - in order to inspire Emma into being the savior again. Doc of course announces the Queen's presence, telling his brother's to run, but they just remain watching in shock and horror as their King and Queen are kidnapped. ("Wish You Were Here")