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Group Mother
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The group mother is a woman who worked at an orphanage that Emma lived in as a teenager. She appears in "Snow Drifts".


After the Curse

Early Life

321 01
Emma has yet to find a home. ("Snow Drifts")

A stuffed toy version of Mickey Mouse is seen smiling broadly at the little girl to whom its being presented to by a couple looking to adopt a child. The girl smiles, happy with the gift, and accepts it before getting into the backseat of her new parents' car, presumably about to go home with them. Her new father places her small suitcase in the trunk, and the young girl waves a happy goodbye to the children she's leaving behind at the orphanage, all of which are lined up outside the home; some of them return half-hearted waves, but each one appears either bored or depressed. As the car doors are closed and the little girl readies herself for the journey to her new home, the group mother to the unwanted children begins beckoning them all inside, saying that it's almost dinner time. The little girl appears sad now, looking back at the home for the last time as the car finally drives away, and the shot settles on the only one of the orphanage's residents who has remained outside; tears well up in this blonde girl's eyes. It's not long before the group mother spots her, and she says, "Don't worry. You'll find a home too, Emma." But the young Emma Swan remains standing there in an almost catatonic state. ("Snow Drifts")

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