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The Groom is a young man who planned on getting married to his fiancée before he was tragically murdered by Queen Regina, who was unhappy with them performing the ceremony on her land.


Before the Curse

Peasants 420
Regina interrupts a wedding. ("Mother")

Queen Regina's carriage is riding through the forest when it comes upon a group of peasants in a field and the queen orders her men to stop. The confused peasants watch as the queen approaches them and greets them kindly with a smile, asking if they're enjoying the meadow. An old man states that it seemed perfect for a wedding ceremony, causing the bride and groom to smile. Regina feigns interest before explaining that they're on royal land and she doesn't recall giving them permission to marry here. The groom tries to explain that he didn't know, but before he can finish Regina rips out his heart, shocking the crowd. Regina's father tells his daughter that she might be overreacting because of what day it is, but the evil queen warns him not to talk to her about this day. He urges that she shouldn't alienate her subjects as it'd be short-sighted and weak, but this only angers Regina, who yells that she's not weak. She then turns to the groom and tells him that she was going to spare him, "But someone made me angry" she adds before crushing his heart into dust. The bride and everyone else is horrified at the sight of the dead groom. "Next time there's a wedding book the church" she warns the peasants before walking back to her carriage. As she steps inside, Henry tries to follow, but she tells him to make his own way home as she's got somewhere to go. As she rides off in her carriage, her frustrated father is left to walk home alone. ("Mother")