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Graveyard Sentry
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The Graveyard Sentry is an unnamed guard at a cemetery who is responsible for the death of Gerhardt Frankenstein in "In the Name of the Brother".


Before the Curse

Graveyard Sentry 212
The sentry catches Viktor and Gerhardt. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Viktor is digging up a grave in a cemetery one stormy night. He looks up to see if anyone is watching a takes a few more shovelfuls out of the grave. He continues to dig as Gerhardt walks up behind him. Viktor is surprised and climbs out of the grave as his brother explains that Igor told him he would find him there. Gerhardt says that he cannot believe what Viktor's doing as he thought he was merely at the stage of putting cells into petri dishes. Viktor explains that his work has progressed, saying that he thought Gerhardt supported him, but the latter says that he doesn't support what he's seeing. From across the graveyard, they are told to halt by a graveyard sentry with a gun, Viktor exclaims that Gerhardt's in uniform but the man shoots at them anyway, the brothers begin to run. They speed into the carriage to avoid more bullets and Viktor quickly tells is driver to go. As the carriage begins to move, Viktor looks to his brother and notices that he's unconscious. He looks more closely to see that Gerhardt has retained a bullet wound to the gut, near to where his watch is, and he's now dead. ("In the Name of the Brother")

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