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Gordie is a young boy who lived at the same orphanage as Emma and Pinocchio. He appeared in "The Stranger".


After the Curse

Gordie 120
Gordie persuades August to come with him. ("The Stranger")

In the orphanage, Pinocchio looks at Emma, sadly, before Gordie, walks into the room. He greets Pinocchio before asking him if he can keep a secret. Pinocchio nods and Gordie then takes a wad of cash from his pocket and presents it to the former puppet. He is amazed and asks Gordie where he got it from, he explains that he stole it from the sock drawer and that it's enough to buy them all bus tickets out of away from where they are. Pinocchio asks when Gordie's leaving, "Right now," he tells him before asking him if he wants to come. Pinocchio looks over to Emma in her crib, he tells Gordie that he told his father he'd take care of her, asking if she can come to. "We can't take care of a baby! You wanna stay here for the rest of your life? Be my guest," Gordie says before leaving the room. Pinocchio seems disappointed at this before asking the boy to wait. He turns back to Emma and stands over her crib once more. "I'm sorry, Emma," he whispers in all sincerity. He kisses his hand before placing it upon the baby's forehead, he then follows on with the other children. ("The Stranger")

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