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Sometimes you have to lie to protect the people you love.

Geppetto is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time. He was a lonely elderly man who carved a young boy out of wood to have as his companion. The puppet was given life through magic, and Geppetto named him Pinocchio. Following a horrifying sea experience, the wood puppet was turned into a real boy by the Blue Fairy. Geppetto was later asked to build a magical wardrobe to protect Snow White and Prince Charming's baby from the Dark Curse, and he sent his son Pinocchio through the wardrobe as well. Following the curse, Geppetto became trapped in Storybrooke, Maine as Marco, a repairman.


Before the Curse

You can't bargain like this! Not when the entire realm is in danger!
Jiminy Cricket
Geppetto 205
Young Geppetto. ("That Still Small Voice")

It's raining heavily one night when Jiminy is asked by his parents to set up their show, against his will. "Puppets!", a young boy exclaims. "Wow, what a cool job you have.", he tells Jiminy. Jiminy doesn't reply. "You don't like it?", the boy asks, disappointed; "No, no I don't.", Jiminy tells him, still setting up, going on to say that it's the same every year. "Then why don't you just do something else?", the boy asks, to which Jiminy smirks, replying with "This is just who I am. Did you just come here to watch us set up?". "No. I came here to listen to the crickets!", the boy exclaims. "Crickets?", Jiminy notes, adding that he hasn't listened to the crickets in a while. Thunder is heard rumbling above. "Hey, you better get home or you're gonna catch a cold.", Jiminy tells him. "So will you, here, have my umbrella. I don't live far.", the boy offers, handing his umbrella to Jiminy. The man gratefully accepts the boy's umbrella and the latter runs away, covering his hat, promising he'll be back to see the show. Jiminy smiles. Later, after Jiminy's parents trick a local couple, they are turned into a pair of wooden puppets, thanks to a serum that Jiminy was supposed to use on Martin and Myrna, given to him by Rumplestiltskin. The young boy who gave him the umbrella then comes home - they're his parents. Jiminy is disheartened. Later, when he is turned into a cricket by the Blue Fairy, she tells him to help the young boy through life - the young boy named Geppetto. ("That Still Small Voice")

Pinocchio 02
Pinocchio becomes a real boy. ("The Stranger")

Many years later, Pinocchio, the wooden puppet that was blessed with life, is seen on a raft with his maker and father, the elderly Geppetto, as they brave through the waves of an enraged sea during a stormy night, trying to escape from Monstro, the enormous whale that is chasing after them. Geppetto tells his son that they must abandon ship, and tries to hand him the one life vest they have. Pinocchio tells him to take it, because he is made of wood and therefore can float. Pinocchio then tells him to save himself and dives in the water, just as the whale approaches them. Some time later, Geppetto is seen stranded ashore, recuperating, and he is left brokenhearted by the sight of the lifeless Pinocchio, back to being a mere wooden puppet, face down on the beach. Geppetto takes his marionette in his arms and sobs over the loss of the only son he ever had, until the powerful and benevolent Blue Fairy appears and turns Pinocchio into a real, living boy. Geppetto is overwhelmed with joy, and the child is filled with excitement. Geppetto is very thankful towards the Blue Fairy, and the head fairy tells the child to be brave, truthful and unselfish, and as long as he does that he'll always remain a real boy. Pinocchio nods affirmatively, but it is then revealed to us that he didn't exactly live by this ruling, for he goes on to become a very unruly boy, going so far as tying up his voice of reason, Jiminy Cricket, to the bird on a clock. The Blue Fairy then warns Geppetto that the Evil Queen is preparing to enact the Dark Curse, which will transport them all into a different world, rid of happy endings. The fairy tells him to fashion a vessel from an enchanted tree, so that Snow White and Prince Charming can be saved from the curse and lift the spell in the new world with the aid of their unborn daughter, who holds the key to save everyone. Geppetto agrees to build a magical wardrobe, but since it can only hold two people, he demands that his son Pinocchio is one of them. The fairy is then forced to tell the royal couple that only one of them can go through the wardrobe. However, Emma, their child, is born ahead of schedule, and thus only the baby can go inside the vessel. Before she does, however, Pinocchio himself is sent through it, and Geppetto asks of his son to get Emma to believe in the curse so that she can break it. His son promises him this much. ("Pilot"/"The Stranger")

After the Curse

Early life

I was never so lucky.
Marco 217
Marco fixes the same sign every single day. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

After the Dark Curse is cast, Geppetto becomes trapped in the town of Storybrooke, Maine with the new identity of Marco, the town's local repairman. On the first day of the curse, Mayor Regina Mills, otherwise known as the Evil Queen, strolls down the streets of her town to see her victory in full effect. As she walks, one of the things she sees is Marco fixing the sign to one of the shops before Mr. Gold limps by. Soon, Regina shows up at Granny's Diner and is surprised to meet Owen Flynn, a child whom she does not recognize, proceeding to ask whose he is. She looks to Marco, who sadly tells the mayor that he was never lucky enough to have a son, but soon discovers that Owen's father is in fact Kurt Flynn, someone who was not resident within the fairytale land that was. The next day, Regina walks down the streets of Storybrooke again to see Marco repairing the same sign. The next day, he repairs the same sign again, and Regina grows bored of this repetition and others that she notices throughout the town she runs. ("Welcome to Storybrooke")

Marco EL 617
Marco rescues Archie from Regina, although he doesn't know it. ("Awake")

A decade into the curse and Mary Margaret Blanchard - formerly Snow White - is making her usual walk to the hospital in order to tend to the comatose John Doe - formerly Prince Charming. On the way, she can't seem to do anything right, greeting Marco as he fixes the sign he fixes everyday and causing him to drop a screw and blame her. Soon after apologizing, the introverted teacher proceeds to discover a mysterious flower which she brings to her unwitting true love's bedside. It contains pixie dust which wakes him up and returns his memories and, because it's capable of reuniting those who share true love, it returns Snow's memories as well. But, Mayor Mills believes the coma patient to be missing and gathers a search party to look for him out in the woods, where Mary Margaret pretends she saw him go. Archie joins the search party along with Pongo but they have no luck; but, Snow refuses to let them head back, at which Regina encourages Archie to go and check the mines. She then threatens to demolish the mines with Archie and Pongo inside, for the suspects that Snow White has resurfaced and wants her to admit it. However, the other townspeople accidentally intervene, with Marco being the one to get the Mayor away from the controls and shield them, and, after Snow and Charming make the decision to stay cursed so that their daughter Emma can fulfill her destiny as the savior at the right time, the two are discovered by the search party in the woods with John Doe back in a coma. ("Awake")

Season 1

If I had a son, that would be enough for me.
Marco 101
Emma meets Marco (Geppetto). ("Pilot")

In Storybrooke, the new world the fairytale land residents traveled to, Emma Swan, the savior, wakes up in the local sheriff's station, imprisoned, after crashing her car into the town's entrance sign the night before. Geppetto's counterpart, Marco, is at the station when she wakes up, fixing a cupboard. Leroy (Grumpy) is in the adjacent cell, says "What are you looking at, sister?". Marco tells him to have manners, as they have a guest. Marco knows she's Henry's mother, and comments on how lovely it is that she's back in his life. Emma, still recovering, tells him she was just dropping him off, and Leroy says he doesn't blame her, as kids are all brats. "Who needs 'em?". Marco says he'd give anything for one. He explains that he and his wife tried for many years, but it wasn't meant to be. "Well, cry me a river.", says an unsympathetic Leroy. ("Pilot")

Marco 105
Marco is relieved to have his great friend back. ("That Still Small Voice")

Archie sits in his office when Marco walks in and greets his friend, then reminding the therapist that they were supposed to meet for lunch. Archie apologizes, and tells his friend that he's got another patient. "Another time?", he offers. "Sure. But of course.", Marco agrees. Henry rushes into the office, he is told by Marco to have a good session before Marco leaves. As Henry sits down, he asks, "Are you recruiting Geppetto for 'Operation Cobra'?", he asks, "You think Marco's Geppetto?", Archie notes; "Sure, he's Jiminy Cricket's best friend and Marco's yours.", Henry points out. Archie asks Henry to stop it with this nonsense about the curse, per Regina's request, and Henry, to prove he's right, goes into the local collapsed mines. Archie follows after him and they are both sealed in. Marco then offers his assistance to the rescue team, and when Archie and Henry are finally saved by Emma, he is thrilled to have his great friend back, alive and well. Later, Emma and Henry are looking at Archie and Marco, who are happily socializing. "Is that Archie's father?", Emma asks, to which Henry responds, "No, they're just old friends." Then, for the first time in Storybrooke, crickets are heard singing. ("That Still Small Voice")

Marco 120
Without knowing it, Geppetto is reunited with his son. ("The Stranger")

August comes to see Mr. Gold at his pawn shop, and runs into his father, whom Gold had asked to fix a wall clock for him. Gold makes a comment about how August can't bring himself to say 'hello' to his father, and they then discuss the situation with Emma. Gold tells him that he'll give Emma a nudge in his direction. However, he is still unable to get Emma to believe in the curse. This leads August to realize that his goal to get Emma to believe might never be accomplished, which leads him to try and spend what little time he might have left in the company of his father, Geppetto, who doesn't remember him at all. August therefore offers himself to work on the elderly man's workshop. Geppetto accepts his help, and comforts him when he says he failed to keep a promise to his father, not knowing all the while who August is referring to. ("The Stranger")

Season 2

My boy... my poor boy.
Marco 202
Geppetto finds his son's red hat. ("We Are Both")

Following the breaking of the Dark Curse, a wooden-state Pinocchio is left lying on his room's bed, motionless, unattended... and then his blue eyes blink, indicating he has life left in him. Meanwhile, Geppetto, his disheveled elderly father, searches for his son, even putting up signs to draw attention to his missing boy. Later, Henry encounters him at Granny's Diner and whispers something to his hear. This leads Geppetto to come to August's motel room, only to find an empty bed. The only familiar thing he comes across is the small red hat Pinocchio wore as a child, an item that reignites his hope. ("We Are Both")

Marco 211
"I miss you so much, my friend..." ("The Outsider")

Marco and the other citizens of Storybrooke attend the funeral of Dr. Archibald "Archie" Hopper, who was supposedly murdered by Regina. Mary Margaret provides the beloved conscience, and Marco's best friend, with a beautiful eulogy stating that Archie is not gone as he will always live on inside of them, therefore, they should not think of today as goodbye, but a way of telling Archie that they'll be listening. After she retreats, Marco walks up to his friend's grave and places the deceased's umbrella upon it, he tells Archie that he misses him a lot and that at least he's in a better place now. This is ironic as we are next shown Archie being held captive by Captain Hook. The therapist is later set free by Belle and he makes his way to Emma and Henry, assuring them that he is alive and that Regina was framed. ("The Outsider")

Marco 218
Marco gets slapped by Mary Margaret. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

Marco is eating in Granny's Diner when Mary Margaret walks in to tell he and Emma that she found August living in a trailer in the woods. However, she also mentions that he is completely made of wood. Marco suggests that they go to see the Blue Fairy as she helped him the last time, and they make their way to Mother Superior. The nun tells them that she cannot help August as he has not been a good boy as promised and what is happening to him is his own fault. Mary Margaret then leads Emma and Marco to August's trailer in the woods, and on their way there, Marco admits that all those years ago he sent Pinocchio through the wardrobe, meaning that Snow could not be with Emma. Mary Margaret slaps him across the face and Emma is appalled, despite Marco stating he deserves it. Mary Margaret apologizes, saying that she's not herself, and the three of them soon find the trailer... which is empty. Emma receives a call from August at the sheriff's station and they make their way there. When they arrive, they find a wooden August stumbling outside, and soon collapsing. They run to his aid and he apologizes to his father for not being a good boy, before trying to warn Emma of something with his dying breath. He passes before he is able to do so and Henry points out that his final act was selfless, brave and true, meaning he can be saved. Mother Superior agrees, using magic to revive August and turn him into little boy Pinocchio once more. Pinocchio does not remember the warning that he tried to give, and if he did, he would be honest. He goes home with his father Marco. ("Selfless, Brave and True")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

Please, your majesty... we are a peaceful village. What do you want from us?
Pinocchio 321
Geppetto speaks out against the Evil Queen. ("Snow Drifts")

Marco attends the coronation at Granny's Diner which is held to announce the name of Snow White and Prince Charming's newborn son; whilst there, he is seen interacting with Granny and Kathryn. The celebrations are soon halted, however, when a beam of light emanating from the defeated Zelena's time portal is spotted, meaning it's open. Inadvertently, Emma and Hook fall through it and end up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, where they soon witness the Evil Queen stop at a nearby village to torment the community, who have been hauled out of their homes by Black Knights. Geppetto is amongst them, and he steps out with his wooden son, Pinocchio, at his side, telling the Queen that they are a peaceful village and demanding to know what she wants. She replies that she wants justice, in that she wants Snow White captured, and she makes an example of one of her prisoners to show everyone what helping Snow looks like. Emma wants to step in and help, but Hook stops her from doing so, pointing out that anything they do to alter the past could mean drastic changes in the future. ("Snow Drifts")

Season 4

I wouldn't have needed to if it wasn't for your curse; I had to save him. You stay away from my boy!
Marco 413
Marco decides to help Regina, despite her extreme attitude. ("Unforgiven")

Regina and Henry embark on a search for the Author of the latter's storybook, and it is soon remembered that August was able to take the book apart and add his own story in, and so they believe that he could have known something about who wrote it originally back before he was regressed to a child. As it is, they call in the young Pinocchio along with his father, Marco, and show him the book, hoping that it will spark his memory. Emma tries talking to him, hoping to use their old friendship to amplify the spark, but nothing works, and he apologizes for letting everybody down. However, this isn't good enough for Regina, and she believes that Pinocchio simply isn't trying hard enough. She yells at him, wanting him to remember, but he can't, and Marco is quick to defend his son from the Evil Queen. Pinocchio is ushered away while Marco berates Regina for the way she's acting, concluding that she doesn't even deserve this happy ending she's striving to hard to have written. Later, she visits Marco in his workshop and apologizes for the way she acted, knowing full-well that if she wants to deserve this happy ending, then she cannot revert to her old ways. Marco accepts this apology and gives Regina something that might help her - August's things from when he came to town. Inside, Henry is able to find a clue as to who the Author may be - a picture of a mysterious door. ("Unforgiven")

Marco 414
Happiness: it can never last forever. ("Enter the Dragon")

When Regina goes undercover to learn more about the plans of the Queens of Darkness, she soon finds out that they have they're own ongoing investigation as to who the Author is, wanting to use him in order to shift the balance of who does or doesn't get a happy ending. They think that Pinocchio is a good lead, despite Regina assuring them that it led her nowhere, and the former Evil Queen is forced to enter Marco's workshop when he and his son are sanding a wooden rocking horse together and knock them both out with her magic. She then kidnaps Pinocchio for Maleficent and the others, much to Emma's protest, and it's soon revealed that Rumplestiltskin is back in Storybrooke after having been banished, also wanting to find this Author and have him rewrite the ending to his story. He tells the others that it won't matter how much they torture Pinocchio, he won't be able to remember anything so long as he's a child... so they just have to make him not be a child anymore. With that, he uses his magic to reverse what the Blue Fairy did, and Pinocchio is once again turned into the man he used to be: August W. Booth. ("Enter the Dragon")

After the Third Curse

Season 6

Marco 617
The Charmings' curse is shared with the townspeople. ("Awake")

Snow and David remain affected by their shared sleeping curse, only now it's worse, because one of Regina's risky attempts to break it - and thus undo yet another mess left behind by the now redeemed and off-world Evil Queen - has resulted in the both of them slipping into a permanent slumber, as opposed to having merely one be asleep at the time. Later, she has another idea, but it too is risky. She gathers the townspeople - including Archie - at her mayoral office and presents a goblet filled with the curse that the Queen used on the Charmings. She explains how it was meant only for one heart, but, should they all share a part of it, she believes it might dilute its power and allow for the prince and princess to awake for good. Leroy draws attention to the word "might", but it's the only shot they've got, and Snow and David's loved ones soon start sipping from the goblet. Eventually, Leroy decides that he could do with a nap and sips from it too, and Archie is the next to grab it and make a potential sacrifice for his friends, followed by Marco who gives an Italian toast, and everyone else joins in. Soon, the Charmings awaken, but find everyone else asleep. As they panic, though, the now diluted curse wears off, and soon everyone is up and reunited. ("Awake")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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