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The general is the head of Arendelle's army. He appears in "Rocky Road".


Before the Curse

403 05
Elsa tells Kristoff that he is not leaving the castle. ("Rocky Road")

A general bursts through the doors. He apologizes for barging in, but he has received news from one of his scouts. Elsa asks if they have found Anna. The general tells her no, but that they discovered something else on their search. He hands Elsa a letter; the Queen reads it, and her expression appears to be upset. "What does it say?" Kristoff asks. "There's an army massing in the Southern Mountains heading for Arendelle, led by Prince Hans." Kristoff appears worried, but assures Elsa that he knows every inch of those mountains and to let him sneak up there and see what the prince is up to. "I didn't realize the official Arendelle ice master and deliverer got a say in matters," the general remarks. "He doesn't," Elsa replies. She then tells Kristoff that he is not going anywhere, as it is too dangerous. "Ah, there you are warming up to me. You do care," Kristoff says. Elsa replies, "My sister wants a wedding, it's probably best the groom be alive." Kristoff says he'll be real careful, but Elsa won't hear of it, she tells him he is staying right there in the castle, "As you said, I am the Queen of Arendelle, so let me be Queen and handle it."

403 13
Kristoff reports Hans' plans back to Elsa. ("Rocky Road")

"Even if they had enough men to storm the castle, I'd freeze them before they reached the gates," Elsa says, from inside her castle. "It's posturing," the general says, "Prince Hans has seen what you can do." "And he knows how to defeat her," Kristoff says, entering the room. Elsa asks if he should be somewhere else, hinting at him to leave. Kristoff confesses to going to spy on Hans. This upsets the queen, who states that he disobeyed her. Kristoff tells Elsa to punish him after he tells her what he has found. The ice merchant goes on to tell that there is an urn, hidden in a cave in the North Valley that has the power to trap people like Elsa. "People like me?" the Ice Queen asks, confused. "With magic," Kristoff answers, "Hans wants to use it against you and then invade Arendelle." The general speaks up, asking that if this is what Hans truly has planned, then for the queen to let him bring the fight to the prince. Elsa won't hear of it, refusing to risk so many people's lives. She states there has to be a way to avoid war. Kristoff tells his future sister-in-law that he knows that valley better than Hans and his brothers do. He asks Elsa to let him take a few soldiers and he'll destroy the urn. "You can bring one," Elsa replies, "me." ("Rocky Road")

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