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Gabriel, also known as The Woodcutter, is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time.


Before the Curse

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The Woodcutter targets Snow White. ("Heartless")

Gabriel makes a name for himself as the Woodcutter, an infamous bounty hunter notorious for tracking down werewolves. However, he hunts wherever the bounty lies, so, when he sees the opportunity to find and capture Snow White - thus being able to turn her over to her stepmother, Queen Regina for a reward - he takes it. He tries attacking Snow with his two axes, only to be fought off successfully by she and the Blue Fairy. A sheepdog named Wilby then finds Gabriel's wagon, which is filled with chains and such, and Wilby's owner David apologizes, saying that Wilby's like a bloodhound in a sweater. Gabriel, having lost Snow's trail, sees this as helpful, and so he gives David some drugged water so that he can steal his dog while he's passed out. Using the scrap of Snow's scarf he was earlier able to snag during the attack, Gabriel allows Wilby to get her scent, and then he succeeds in kidnapping her and imprisoning her within that wagon of his. David, upon coming to, is led to her by Wilby, and tries his best to rescue her. However, the Woodcutter then shows up and starts to attack him, with the two of them engaging in a lengthy struggle. When a hole is made in the wagon door, Snow is able to reach her hand through and aid the shepherd, meaning David is able to stab Gabriel in the gut with the sawed off handle of his own ax. The Woodcutter then drops to the floor, unable to hurt anyone any longer, and David takes his key to free Snow. ("Heartless")


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