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The Fisherman is an unnamed man who regretfully welcomed Cora and Hook to Storybrooke in "The Cricket Game".


After the Curse

Season 2

210 02
Fish out of water. ("The Cricket Game")

When Cora and Hook arrive in Storybrooke, they are interrupted by a fisherman who shows up behind them, and asks if they need anything. Cora and Hook are caught somewhat off-guard. The man goes on to say that the tackle shop doesn't open until morning, but if they want to go out and try and snare some of New England's finest pescatarian creatures he'd be happy to open it earlier. Hook tells him, with a sullen tone, that they're fine. The fisherman comments that they have a fine vessel, and wonders when they got in. Cora asks to what vessel he's referring, and the confused man tries to explain that he means the ship next to them, but he is interrupted when the powerful witch standing before him makes the ship turn invisible with a single swing of her gloved hand. The surprised fisherman tells her that that's a neat trick, and asks if she was some kind of magician back in their land. With a flick of her fingers, Cora turns the fisherman into a fish. The twosome of evil look at the fish out of water, as it flaps about on the dock. Hook moves toward it and uses his foot to lead it into the water. ("The Cricket Game")

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