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This fan is one of the many who attend Isaac's book signing for his collection of tales entitled, Heroes and Villains. She appears in "Operation Mongoose, Part 1".


Before the Curse

421 17
The fan wants spoilers. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

A crowd can be seen forming a line with their copies of the book, laughing and reading, while Isaac sits at a table and signs someone's copy. They walk away with it, and another fan steps forward. He signs their book also, and they too walk away. "Long live Regina!" exclaims a particularly avid fan as she approaches the table with her copy, placing it down for it to be signed. He indeed signs it, but she holds up the line by asking to please give him a present - a little token of her love for the world that he's created - and hands him a badge featuring the words that she herself has just espoused: "Long Live Regina!" She claims that Regina is her favorite character, and Isaac agrees that she is a "real doozy". The fan comments that her life is just so unfair, wanting to know if she's going to be getting a happy ending in the sequel. She begs for an answer, so Isaac says that sure he can tell her. He beckons her to lean in close, and he whispers in her ear, "She... Sorry, no spoilers! You'll have to buy the next book when it's finished." The fan leans back, laughing, before being on her way; Isaac stuffs the badge she gave him into his inside pocket, shocked to see that the next thing handed to him on the table is the page with the illustration of the door he was once trapped inside. Henry is the one who set it down, and Isaac demands to know what the young man is doing there. However, Henry demands in turn to know what Isaac did with his family, and where they are. Isaac claims not to have any idea what he's talking about, but Henry insists that he's lying, revealing himself to have the key to the door and telling the Author that he knows what this does - "So you either give me some answers, or I open this door again and you get a whole new ending." ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

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