Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm
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The Eye of the Storm is a particularly valuable sapphire found at sea, used by Liam Jones to gain naval commission for he and his brother.


Before the Curse

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The Eye of the Storm is presented. ("The Brothers Jones")

The King offers a large reward for anyone who can retrieve the Eye of the Storm, and Captain Silver decides to direct his ship into a hurricane in order to retrieve it. This causes his crew to stage a mutiny against him, but Hades soon appears to the new captain - Liam Jones - and offers him the sapphire in exchange for Liam crashing the ship and making the whole crew die... aside from himself and his brother Killian. Liam agrees, and when he finds a naval captain ashore he presents him with the Eye of the Storm and he and his brother are granted jobs on his ship as a reward. ("The Brothers Jones")