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Emma's Theme
Emma's Theme
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May 5, 2017
2:28 minutes
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"Emma's Theme" is a song featured in the musical episode of Once Upon a Time. It was written by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner and performed by Jennifer Morrison.


When the Black Fairy finds she cannot crush Emma's heart, Henry rushes up to Emma and reveals that the Blue Fairy placed her families songs inside her; it's what's giving her strength. Listening to the music on the tape player, Emma begins singing about her life. Now knowing how far her parents went to ensure her destiny, Emma "tells' the Black Fairy that she will stop her evil plans. With the power of her song strengthening her magic, Emma manages to free David, Mary Margaret, Hook, Regina and Zelena from being frozen in time and scare off the Black Fairy.


Emma Swan:
Once I lived in darkness
Out there on my own
Left to brave the world alone
Everything seemed hopeless
No chance to break free
Couldn't hear the song inside of me

Once upon a time
A song inspired them: be brave
They gave me up because my fate
Was as the one who'd save
The world from your dark magic
And the wicked things you do
They placed a song inside my heart
More powerful than you

All the years of running
No, not anymore
I know what I'm living for
I'm no longer searching
Turns out all along
The answer was inside me
With a song