Emma's New York Loft
Emma's New York Loft
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Emma Swan (formerly)
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Emma's New York Loft is Emma and Henry's former home in New York City, where the resided during the year all the Storybrooke residents returned to the Enchanted Forest.


After the Second Curse

Season 3

Emma 311 02
Hook fails at convincing Emma of the truth. ("Going Home")

After the eradication of Storybrooke, Emma and Henry move to this apartment in New York City with fake memories in their heads that make them think that their last home was in Boston and burned down. They spend a year living in the new loft and seem to have a pretty nice life together, which is then interrupted by a certain pirate - Captain Hook - knocking on the door and telling Emma that her family is in danger. He tries kissing her so as to reawaken her true memories, but she just knees him in the crotch and slams the door in his face, thinking he's crazy. ("Going Home") Henry is playing videogames at the loft when Emma returns home from her date with Walsh, whose proposal she didn't quite accept. The two of them talk and, across the next day or so, events transpire and Emma drinks a potion given to her by Hook that restores her memories of Storybrooke and everyone there. She tells Henry that the two of them are to be going away for a while, also having to break things off with Walsh so that she can return to her family. However, as it turns out, he's a flying monkey in disguise, and Emma is forced to kill him by forcing him off the roof of her building. When she returns to her apartment, right before she leaves it forever, she grabs her red leather jacket from her closet, showing that she, the savior, is well and truly back. ("New York City Serenade")