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Emir is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time. He comes to warn the Savior, Aladdin, that Jafar has found his hideout. However, Jafar murders him upon his arrival.


Before the Curse

601 02
The Savior fails to save Emir from Jafar. ("The Savior")

We are taken across the hills of a desert land as a man, Emir, hurriedly rides his horse in the hopes of finding refuge from whatever it is that's chasing him. A red blast of lightning is then fired at the ground, missing Emir and his horse by only a hair's breadth, and Emir looks behind himself before doing his best to gather speed, at the same time narrowly avoiding yet another blast of right lightning. His attacker then comes into view: a man on a flying carpet, surfing his way through the air in an attempt to subdue his prey. Emir's horse rides like the wind while the assailant on his tail rides the wind in a more literal fashion, firing yet another jet of red magic his way from the eyes of his serpent staff. Finally, after a few more tawdry gallops across this nigh-barren realm, Emir makes it to what appears to be some kind of safe-haven. A very small temple of sorts that is fenced off, save for the passageway that allows entry for Emir and his horse. He calls for help inside as we are taken in there ourselves, and a rather rundown looking gentleman is seen sitting there with his head bowed, appearing desolate as he hears Emir outside screaming that "he's coming" and that he needs help. As Emir finally enters the room, a young nurse gets up from tending to the rundown man, and then their refugee begs the gentleman's attention, eventually stating, "We need the savior." The apparent savior, however, can't stop shaking as his hands clasp themselves around a cup, and the young nurse apologizes to Emir, having to inform him that the savior isn't seeing anyone today. Emir wants to know what's wrong with him, at which point a wind sweeps under his feet as the flying carpet prepares to land outside. Indeed, we see it heading towards the hut with its rider on top, and Emir appears more than a little afraid as Jafar enters the room, clutching that famed serpent staff of his. Emir addresses him by name, begging for mercy, only for the notorious villain to choke him with his magic. The savior does nothing, continuing to sit there as, eventually, the man who came to him for help is reduced to nothing but a pile of dust by the evil magician in his wake. ("The Savior")

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