Edwin's House
Edwin's House
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The house is a home in Victorian England, in which Edwin and his family reside.


Before the Curse

Alice's father OW101
Alice returns home after her first trip to Wonderland. ("Down the Rabbit Hole")

As a little girl, Alice falls down a rabbit hole, leaving Victorian England and going on her first adventure to Wonderland. Once returning, she tries telling her father, Edwin, of her adventures, but he refuses to believe her, slowly thinking she is insane. One day, during her teen years, Alice overhears her father speaking with Dr. Arthur Lydgate about getting his daughter admitted to an asylum. Wanting to prove her father wrong and that Wonderland does in fact exist, she goes back down the rabbit hole and back to the strange land. ("Down the Rabbit Hole") Once returning a second time, Alice is heartbroken over her lost love, a genie named Cyrus. She also learns her father has since remarried to a woman named Sarah, and the couple have a daughter, Millie, together. As Alice goes on and on about Wonderland, her family continues to think she is losing her mind, so finally the young woman agrees to go to the asylum, wanting her memories of the genie erased. ("Who's Alice?")

After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW113 40
Alice and Cyrus get married. ("And They Lived...")

Jafar, an enemy Alice has made when returning to Wonderland for the third time, travels to Victorian England where he ends up at Edwin's doorsteps. ("Who's Alice?") Jafar tells Edwin that Alice is in trouble, and that he knows where exactly to find her, proceeding to lead him to Wonderland, proving to Edwin that it does in fact exist. Alice ends up saving her father's life, using her second wish to send him home, away from danger. Edwin re-awakens on a sofa in his home where he is found by his wife, Sarah, who calls him to bed. ("Bad Blood") After defeating Jafar, Alice returns home with her true love, Cyrus, where the two wed in Edwin's home, accompanied by their immediate family and Wonderland friends. Years later, Alice writes a book about her adventures to Wonderland that she goes on to read to her daughter, which all the while the White Rabbit watches. ("And They Lived...")