DunBroch Battleground
DunBroch Battleground
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The DunBroch Battleground is the sight where the battle between the United Clans of DunBroch, led by King Fergus, fought against Camelot, led by King Arthur.


After the Curse

Season 2

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Fergus is killed by King Arthur. ("The Bear King")

On the morning of the battle of DunBroch against Camelot, King Fergus sends Mulan to train Merida so that she'd miss the fight. However, when horns begin sounding, the redhead realises she's been tricked and rushes to the battleground to help. As she makes her way, King Fergus, Lord Macintosh, Lord MacGuffin, Lord Dingwall and the United Clans all face off with the invaders from the south. Fergus tells the opposing army that only cowards don't state where they're from, and shortly after, the battle begins. Both sides lose a considerable amount of their troops, but the leader of the opposing side, King Arthur, manages to make his way through the crowd and slay King Fergus by driving a sword through his back. Merida just arrives as this happens and tries to stop it by firing an arrow at Arthur. She misses and her father is left for dead. As Mulan rushes a devastated Merida away, Arthur claims Fergus' helmet. ("The Bear King")

Before the Third Curse

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Merida searches for her father's killer. ("The Bear King")

After the Witch of DunBroch interrupts Merida's coronation and threatens to turn the entire kingdom into bears if a enchanted helm King Fergus took from her shortly before his death isn't returned, the redhead sets out to find it. Realising the man who killed her father will have the helm, she visits the battleground where DunBroch faced against the Southern Invaders. She finds the arrow that she shot at her father's killer and notices a piece of cloth from his cloak attached to it; she then plans on using the cloak to find the killer. However, Zelena and King Arthur soon arrive. They steal Merida's bow and reveal that her father used the enchanted helm to control the minds of his people and lead them into battle. A devastated Merida heads back to her castle, losing all hope, but Mulan takes the cloth and continues the search for the killer. ("The Bear King")