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Didn't see that coming, did you?
Prince Charming

This dragon was slain by Charming when he proved himself as a prince in "The Shepherd".


Before the Curse

Prince James, King George's adoptive son, duels with the Behemoth in a fight. After the Behemoth falls to James' blade, King George proposes a deal with King Midas for gold and riches, and King Midas will only accept it if Prince James can kill the dragon terrorizing his village. James starts to make a speech about slaying the dragon, but then the Behemoth rises unexpectedly and drives a lance through his back. James dies of his wounds. King George is devastated by his son's death, and now they have no one to slay the dragon. If so, King Midas will seek someone else to be the dragonslayer. King George calls Rumplestiltskin and tries to make a deal to resurrect Prince James. Rumplestiltskin promises to bring his son back, but he says he cannot raise the dead. King George thinks he is being cheated, but Rumplestiltskin tells him James has a twin brother. Unlike James, his Prince Charming has been raised on a farm with his mother, Ruth, and grew up shepherding animals. Rumplestiltskin offers him a deal—if he takes his brother James' place as dragonslayer, then his mother will never have to want for anything in her life again, and she will be taken care of very well. He agrees to the job. The twin brother, later known as Prince Charming, alongside with knights head up a mountain to the dragon's lair. They pass many burnt ashes and bones of past dragonslayers that were not successful in killing the beast. Prince Charming is on orders not to enter the cave and let the knights go deal directly with the beast, but he charges in after he cannot stand watching other people sacrifice their lives for him. He manages to save one of the knights and pull him out of the cave. Then, the dragon turns its attention on Prince Charming. He grabs his sword, and after luring the dragon's neck in a narrow cave, he chops off the head. ("The Shepherd")

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