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The Donkey Driver is an unnamed man who fell victim to Rumplestiltskin shortly after he gained his dark powers. He appeared in "The Return".


Before the Curse

119 05
Rumple crushes the donkey driver. ("The Return")

Baelfire kicks a ball that bounces off of a wall and rolls in front of a donkey cart, he runs over to fetch it. He trips and halts the man, his cart and his poor, poor donkey. The man to whom the cart belongs yells at Baelfire, asking him what he was doing in the middle of the road. Bae apologizes and, suddenly, the man recognizes him, telling him that everything's fine and that it was the donkey's fault. The man offers him a chicken and some eggs but Bae refuses his offer, thanking him nonetheless. Bae is about to leave when a voice asks what is going on, every villager stares as Rumplestiltskin emerges to his son's aid. The man protests that it was nothing, blaming himself, saying that he wasn't looking where he was going, he points out that Bae is fine. Bae assures Rumple that he is fine, Rumple asks his son if he's sure and Bae nods, assuring this. "Well, I suppose it won't happen again..." Rumple says, he is assures by both his son and the man that it won't. Rumplestiltskin halts, asking what the injury on Bae's knee is, pointing out a cut. They both assure the Dark One that it's nothing. Rumple extends his arm and tells the man not to bother, magic ensues from his hand and, soon enough, the man is reduced to a mere snail. The villagers are shocked and Rumple approaches the snail, Bae begs and pleads his father not to do it but Rumple ignores him, stepping on the poor snail, killing him. All witnesses vacate the area and Rumple walks away with his son. ("The Return")

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