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Dark One's dagger
Dark One's dagger
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Binding the Darkness to a human soul
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The Dark One's dagger is an all-powerful dagger made to control the Dark One, which, currently is Rumplestiltskin.


Before the Curse

507 31
Merlin creates the Dark One's dagger. ("Nimue")

When Merlin, a wizard for the past 500 years, decides he is ready to let go of his power and become mortal, he and his true love Nimue head to reforge the Holy Grail into a sword, Excalibur, than can be used to cut away his power. Nimue betrays Merlin though, and drinks from the grail herself to use the power it gives for darkness. She breaks the sword that was forged, but Merlin ends up crafting the broken piece into a dagger, which he then tethers to Nimue, or, the first Dark One. ("Nimue") During at battle between Merlin and Nimue, the latter is able to steal the dagger from her former lover, and she uses it to collect one of his tears, which she then uses to turn him into a tree. ("Dreamcatcher") Merlin's Apprentice, meanwhile, spends his time guarding a hat which can be used to cleave the Dark One from the dagger, and though Nimue's time eventually runs out, others succeed her. The Apprentice battles them all, including Zoso, but does not fail. ("The Apprentice")

108 22
Rumplestiltskin is revealed as the new Dark One. ("Desperate Souls")

Zoso is eventually enslaved by a Duke, via the dagger, and so he tricks Rumplestiltskin into breaking into the Duke's castle and stealing the dagger. He then provokes Rumple into killing him, stabbing him with the dagger, thus making him the new Dark One, with the dagger reading his name. ("Desperate Souls") Being the Dark One strains Rumple's relationship with his son Baelfire, and he also grows paranoid about people coming after the dagger that controls him. He kills a mute maid for simply hearing of its existence, and so Bae draws the line, forcing his father to find a way to get rid of his powers. Bae comes up with a magic bean that can take them to a land without magic, but at the last minute Rumple uses the dagger to stop himself from falling through the portal, choosing power over his son. ("The Return")

504 23
A spell protects the dagger from Guinevere. ("The Broken Kingdom")

Centuries later, Rumplestiltskin maps out a plan to obtain the Sorcerer's hat, guarded by the Apprentice, for he wishes to cleave himself from the dagger once and for all. With manipulating Anna, a princess from Arendelle, he is able to do so. However, she soon catches on to his plan, learning that the dagger controls him, and so she gets a hold of it and forces him to give her the hat and send her home, promising to not come after her, thus foiling his scheme. ("The Apprentice") Wanting to put an end to Arthur's quest of making Excalibur whole, Guinevere and Lancelot set out with Merlin's gauntlet to find it's missing half, which they discover in the depths of the Vault of the Dark One, and in the Jungle Dimension. They're unable to retrieve it though, for Rumple has cast a protection spell, and so he instead gives them Sands of Avalon to use to make Excalibur appear whole in exchange for the gauntlet. ("The Broken Kingdom")

After the Curse

Season 1

119 22
August fails to control Mr. Gold with the dagger. ("The Return")

With Queen Regina's curse taking everyone from the Enchanted Forest to the town of Storybrooke, time remains frozen for the next 28 years, with everyone living the same day over again. However, with the arrival of Emma Swan, things begin to change. Time starts to move again, and when hearing her name for the first time, Mr. Gold (counterpart of Rumplestiltskin) immediately regains his memories. Thought useless right now, Gold still doesn't want to take the risk of Regina gaining control over the dagger, and so he buries it in the woods. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter") Sometime later though, Gold learns of August W. Booth, who he first finds snooping around his shop, and later discovers to be searching for the dagger. Gold believes that August is possibly his long lost son, Baelfire, and so he seeks out to apologize for what has happened years before. August goes along with this, and uses it as his opportunity to gain control of the dagger. He orders Rumple hand it over to prove he has changed, which he does, but when August tries using the dagger to control the Dark One, which fails due to lack of magic, Gold catches on instantly that August is not his son. ("The Return")

Season 2

Darkness 216
Cora, prepared to make herself the new Dark One. ("The Miller's Daughter")

With Emma Swan having broken the Dark Curse, and Rumple having brought magic to Storybrooke, he finally sits down with Belle to find out what Regina did to her. Once learning, he finds himself unable to forgive the Evil Queen, and so he seeks revenge by using the dagger to summon a Wraith to steal Regina's soul. ("Broken") Sometime weeks after this occurs, Cora has found herself in Storybrooke, and is now working with Regina to gain control over Rumple. They set out to find the Dark One's dagger, which Mary Margaret and David are after as well. It leads to a showdown in the clock tower, and Mary Margaret ultimately hands the dagger over to save her friend... only for Cora to still kill her. ("The Queen Is Dead") With Rumple dying from an incident with Captain Hook, his name starts to fade away from the dagger, and so Cora plots to kill him, thus making herself the Dark One, for otherwise the power will just fade away. She goes to do just that, but Mary Margaret stops her, using the magic candle to sacrifice Cora's life for Rumple's, and then having Regina return Cora's heart. As Cora dies, Rumple is saved, and he regains control over the dagger, which is name is back to appearing on. ("The Miller's Daughter")

Season 3

311 27
With the dagger, Rumple kills himself and Pan. ("Going Home")

Mary Margaret, Emma, Regina, David, Hook and Rumple all board the Jolly Roger and head to Neverland to save Henry from Peter Pan, but upon their arrival, Rumple abandons everyone else to save the boy himself. When alone, he uses the dagger to dig into the ground around him and cut away his shadow; from there, he gives it the dagger, and tells it to hide it somewhere not even he will know. ("Lost Girl") Henry is eventually rescued, but Pan is not yet stopped, and so once everyone is back in Storybrooke they team up to stop the boy once and for all. Their plans originally fail though, with Pan having everyone frozen in place so they cannot harm him, and he prepares to kill Belle and Neal, the two Rumple loves most, but is stopped by Rumple himself. The Dark One has decided that it has come to this, and that there is nothing else to be done; he summons his shadow, which brings him back the Dark One's dagger, and with that, he grabs a hold of Pan and stabs him in the back. The magic from both Pan and Rumple ultimately kill the both of them, thus meaning that Rumple's honorable sacrifice has saved everyone. ("Going Home")

Before the Second Curse

Zelena 315 1
Zelena gains control over a resurrected Rumple. ("Quiet Minds")

Though Pan has been defeated, the Dark Curse he enacted was not, and so Regina is forced to undo the original curse and transport everyone from Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest, with the exceptions of Emma and Henry who are able to flee town with fake memories. Back in the Enchanted Forest though, everyone finds themselves faced with a new villain: the Wicked Witch of the West. With hopes of resurrect Rumple in order to help with the cause, Belle and Neal sneak off with the others and head for the Dark Castle where they meet Lumière, who guides them to the Vault of the Dark One. Neal ends up giving his life to bring back his father, but he and Belle soon realize they were duped by Zelena, who was guiding them into a trap the whole time. The resurrected Rumple refuses to let his son die though, and so he absorbs him, but also loses control over the dagger in the process. Meanwhile, Belle flees. ("Quiet Minds")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

315 39
Zelena takes pleasure in controlling the Dark One. ("Quiet Minds")

A second curse is eventually cast, and everyone ends up back in Storybrooke with no memories of their last year in the Enchanted Forest. Zelena now keeps Rumple prisoner in the storm cellar of her farmhouse, and one day she visits and shaves him with the dagger. ("The Tower") When Rumple later escapes, Zelena tries to summon him with the dagger, but with Neal being able to control his and his father's shared body at the moment, he is able to disobey the Wicked Witch. However, Emma is eventually forced to separate Rumple and Neal, the latter of which dies. Zelena later returns with the dagger to force Rumple back to his cell and away from his deceased son. ("Quiet Minds") Zelena continues maintaining control of the dagger, which proves to be stronger that Rumple and Belle's love. She brings it to her fight against Regina as well, where she has Rumple stand guard. ("It's Not Easy Being Green") Rumple tries seducing Zelena during a dinner she has set up for the two of them, all in hopes of stealing back the dagger; she catches on, however, and locks him back up. ("Bleeding Through")

320 46
Gold, back in control of the dagger, having duped Belle. ("Kansas")

Zelena brings the dagger with her and Rumple when meeting privately with Hook, who is suppose to kiss Emma and take away her magic. ("A Curious Thing") Zelena carries the dagger with her when arriving at the hospital with Rumple to steal Mary Margaret's baby, and later during the ultimate fight against the heroes. When defeated though, Regina takes the dagger from Zelena and gives it to Belle, who ends up giving it back to Rumple. Rumple, however, has other ideas; he returns the dagger to Belle as a way of proposing marriage to her, which she accepts, but it later turns out the dagger given to Belle was a fake. Rumple finds Zelena locked away in a jail cell at the sheriff's station and uses the dagger to kill her, thus avenging Neal's death. ("Kansas") Belle later finds herself frightened to be in control of so much power when carrying the dagger around, and so she asks Rumple to take it and put it somewhere safe. He refuses though, stating that he trusts her with it, and no one else. They then begin discussing their wedding plans. ("Snow Drifts") Rumple later locks the dagger away somewhere in his shop. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

TBA ("A Tale of Two Sisters") TBA ("Rocky Road") TBA ("The Apprentice") TBA ("Family Business") TBA ("Smash the Mirror") TBA ("Fall") TBA ("Shattered Sight") TBA ("Heroes and Villains") TBA ("Darkness on the Edge of Town") TBA ("Enter the Dragon") TBA ("Operation Mongoose, Part 2")

Season 5

TBA ("The Dark Swan")

Before the Third Curse

TBA ("The Price") TBA ("The Broken Kingdom") TBA ("Dreamcatcher") TBA ("Nimue") TBA ("Birth")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

TBA ("The Dark Swan") TBA ("The Price") TBA ("Nimue") TBA ("Birth") TBA ("Broken Heart") TBA ("Swan Song")

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