Dark Forest
Dark Forest
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The Dark Forest is land in the Enchanted Forest in which the door to Glinda's Pocket Dimension is located.


Before the Second Curse

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Snow, Charming, and Regina find the door leading to the pocket dimension. ("A Curious Thing")

In the Dark Forest, at night, while Regina, Snow and Charming set out on their quest, the latter finds a snowbell and picks it up, handing it to his wife and telling her it's for luck. Snow is delighted, but takes notice of the look Regina gives her. Snow asks what, and the Queen tells her they are at the edge of the Dark Forest, trying to find the one person who could stop their imminent doom and save her unborn child, and yet the two of them stop to smell the roses. Snow points out that it's a snowbell, and David smiles. Regina says she doesn't care if they're "dancing daffodils", because she needs to destroy her sister, and so does Snow, and if Rumple, whom she refers to as a "babbling mad man", sent them on a wild goose chase... she can't finish her sentence for she is caught off-guard by the sight of a door standing in the middle of a clearing. She asks what it is, and David points out, ironically, that it looks like a door. He looks around it and sees that it leads nowhere, but his wife starts thinking about Rumple's riddle: "Through the door, step inside, if pure of heart, then she won't hide." Snow says it's Glinda, and she opens the door and goes through it, entering an unseen space. Charming yells, "No!", and then follows her inside. Regina sneers and walks through the door, as she makes light of the "portal with a cheap cloaking spell"... but then she finds herself on the other side of the door, not having entered the magically protected space at all. Irritated, she walks through the door frame again and shuts it. ("A Curious Thing")