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Cora's father
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Cora - Daughter
Zelena - Granddaughter
Queen Regina - Granddaughter
Robin - Great-Granddaughter
Prince Henry - Son-in-Law
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You're always resting!

Cora's father was a miller who supplied flour to the castle owned by King Xavier. However, all of the work seemed to be left upon Cora as he spent most of his time drunk and resting.


Before the Curse

Cora's father 216
Cora's father is resting. Again. ("The Miller's Daughter")

A windmill is seen turning in the fairytale land that was as the shot moves down to reveal a man, passed out drunk atop a wagon full of flour sacks. A young woman, Cora, is seen approaching him, placing her wicker baskets down and addressing the unconscious man as "father". He awakens with a bottle of alcohol in his hand, wondering what his daughter wants and professing that he's resting, however, Cora grabs the bottle out of his hand, stating that he's always "resting", before throwing it against the wall, causing it to smash. She goes on to remind him that the flour was due to be delivered that morning and that she for one would like to eat that week. At this, Cora lifts the wheel of flour herself, deciding to deliver it in her father's stead, and begins wheeling it away. ("The Miller's Daughter")

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