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This Coachman told Will and Anastasia of the upcoming royal ball as he drove a cart full of fresh bread past them.


Before the Curse

OW105 09
Gatecrash pending. ("Heart of Stone")

When Will and Anastasia are scrounging for food in the forest of Wonderland, the latter is shocked to see an extensive horse-drawn carriage ride past, full of freshly baked bread. The two thieves run after it and Ana comments that the bread smells heavenly. Will asks the drivers if they could spare a loaf, but the coachman tells the lowlife that the bread is for the palace; there is to be a ball and every crumb is spoken for. Sarcastically, Will thanks them as they drive away, and Anastasia suggests that the two of them go. Will points out that they haven't found any berries yet, but Ana says that she was talking about the ball, and that they should go. She adds that she's heard the palace is dazzling inside, but Will brings up the slight matter of the two of them not having been invited. She asks when that's ever stopped them, saying that they could both do with a change of scenery and, more importantly, some of that bread. Will then tells his true love that the dress she's wearing shan't suffice for the ball, and that they'll have to "borrow" her a new one. Anastasia smiles. ("Heart of Stone")

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