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Cleo Fox is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time. She was a bail bondsman, hired to track down and turn in Emma Swan for robbing a few convenience stores years prior. She winds up going off on a side-quest with Emma though, trying to find out who her biological parents are, but this ultimately leads to Cleo's accidental death... before she is ever able to reunite with her own biological daughter.


After the Curse

Early Life

Cleo 520
Cleo spills her guts. ("Firebird")

Cleo has a daughter named Tasha who she gave up for adoption, making a living as a bail bondsperson and on one occasion, in 1999, using her skills and track down and check up on her child. She uses her signature leather jacket as metaphorical "armor" to protect herself from her emotions. In 2009, she decides to haul in a young woman named Emma Swan for some convenience stores she robbed in Phoenix. Emma tries running, but there's a boot on her car and she's taken to Cleo's apartment in handcuffs. She manages to escape the cuffs but grows distracted by Cleo's search engine technology, using it to discover that there's a government office with a file on her. Understanding the need to find out where one comes from, Cleo agrees to give up a day to take Emma to this office on the condition that she comes quietly after. However, when Emma receives the file, she sees that it merely contains the same old article that she herself already has about the diner she was brought to. She breaks in later that night, needing to know if there's more, but Cleo finds her, convincing her to focus on what she has now and give up on the search for her parents. Just as she's beginning to break ground with the blonde, police begin to chase them for breaking into government property and they jump out a window. A shard of glass accidentally finds its way into her gut and she dies in an alley, admitting that she gave up a daughter of her own while convincing Emma to keep running. Cleo's death inspires Emma to become a bail bondsperson herself the following year, but first she tracks down Cleo's daughter Tasha and tells her of her mother's death. Tasha is grateful, and, while she's in the store where Tasha works, Emma decides to follow another example of Cleo's and buy some "armor" in the form of a red jacket. ("Firebird")

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