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You see... Believe it or not, that patient with a mop loves to talk.

The Chief is a minor supporting character on Once Upon a Time.


After the Curse

Season 1

TBA ("Skin Deep")

TBA ("A Land Without Magic")

After the Second Curse

Season 4

TBA ("Mother")

Season 5

TBA ("The Dark Swan")

After the Third Curse

Season 5

TBA ("Broken Heart")

Season 6

Chief 603
Chief cares very little about Hyde's escape. ("The Other Shoe")

Chief is mopping, as per usual, when Regina, Snow and David stroll through the hospital in pursuit of Hyde's cell, then being handed a lasagna - prepared by Regina - by Nurse Ratched. Regina proceeds to try and use the lasagna as a bribe to get Hyde to give her information, but this fails because he's already been paid a visit by the Evil Queen, who provided a better menu. Later, the Queen pays Hyde another visit and wants his help, only for him to point out that it's difficult for him to help when he's chained up in a cell. As such, she uses her magic to absolve his shackles and open up his cell door. Chief watches, not really caring, as Hyde and the Evil Queen then casually stroll out, walking arm-in-arm, and a prisoner is loose. ("The Other Shoe")

Chief 616
Chief witnesses Isaac's first visitors. ("Mother's Little Helper")

Due to something going on with his Author power, Henry enters into a mysterious trance where he begins etching undecipherable symbols onto a piece of paper, before passing out. In order to understand why his abilities appear to have gone haywire, Regina decides to visit the previous Author - Isaac Heller - for answers, and, due to him having tried to kill everyone a while back, he of course resides in one of the cells beneath the hospital. Upon entering the basement and requesting to see him, Regina is told by Nurse Ratched that she doesn't think Isaac has ever had visitors, and Regina is less than shocked by this. His cell is then opened, and they are forced to adhere to some outrageous demands of his - including his freedom - if he is to explain what's happening to Henry. As this is all going on, Chief mops, as per usual. ("Mother's Little Helper")


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