Castle Playground
Castle Playground
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The Castle Playground was Henry and Emma's secret meet-up spot when the latter first came to Storybrooke, but it was soon torn down by Regina.


After the Curse

Season 1

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Emma meets Henry at his "castle". ("Pilot")

When Henry sees that nothing has changed since Emma came to Storybrooke, he runs away from home, upset. Emma begins to search for him, and so his teacher Mary Margaret Blanchard suggests she look for him at an old castle playground on the beach that he frequents. Emma does so, and succeeds in finding her son. There, she returns Henry's storybook that he had left in her car, and he relates his beliefs about Emma, as the savior, would change things in town. When Emma rejects this idea, Henry guesses that she is pushing him away, out of guilt, for having given him up at birth. He believes Emma did this to give him his best chance, which she confirms to be true. Desperately, Henry begs her to stay for one week to prove the curse is real. He also doesn't want to go back to Regina, but Emma reasons that her own life is worse since she was abandoned on the road by her birth parents. Still, Henry insists her real parents put her through a wardrobe to save her life, but Emma doesn't believe him. Later, she takes Henry home. ("Pilot")

Playground Castle 111
The demolished playground is discovered. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")

At the playground, Henry points out to Emma that he found her father in the storybook, believing him to be Prince Charming, but a coma patient in Storybrooke known simply as a John Doe. Henry insists that Emma ask Mary Margaret (the real world counterpart of Snow White) to read to him at the hospital, and though skeptical, Emma agrees to do so. ("Snow Falls") Emma and Henry meet up at the playground after Graham's death, and Henry believes himself to be responsible for telling Graham his Enchanted Forest counterpart. Wanting to cheer her son up, Emma gives him a set of walkie-talkies to keep in touch for Operation Cobra, but Henry suggests they stop in case Emma receives the same fat as Graham. ("Desperate Souls") Regina requests the playground be demolished upon discovering it and believing it to be unstable following the destruction caused by a storm. Henry tries to find his storybook that he hid there before the castle is completely torn down, but he fails. ("Fruit of the Poisonous Tree")