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It makes you want to stay...

The Carpenter is a strange inhabitant of Wonderland whom Alice met in the Boro Grove, the place that almost ruined her chances of being reunited with Cyrus.


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Carpenter OW106
The Carpenter convinces Alice to stay. ("Who's Alice?")

After emerging from the Black Forest, Alice finds herself in a beautiful wooded area filled with trees and flowers the emit a sparkling dust. However, this dust brainwashes the people who inhale it and helps them let go of their pain and misery to become truly happy. Alice meets the Carpenter immediately and doesn't trust him at first. The Carpenter, who has clearly been exposed to a lot of the dust, attempts to convince Alice into staying as it'll make her feel good. As Alice inhales more dust, she finally agrees to stay. Will comes looking for Alice and finds her, now happy. He also meets the Carpenter, who just stands staring at him with a smile on his face. When he asks who he is, Alice assures him it's just the Carpenter and they have nothing to worry about. Will soon realizes something isn't right with Alice and tries to get her to leave, but she refuses to do so. He confronts the Carpenter and asks what he did to Alice, but he just stands and stares at Will. Will suddenly notices that the Carpenter is turning into a tree, and when he looks at the other trees he realizes that they were once people too. Fearing for Alice's life, he goes to save her. As he leaves, the Carpenter painfully but happily says that this place makes you want to stay. Will later successfully saves Alice by reminding her of Cyrus. ("Who's Alice?")

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