Carmarthen Scroll
Carmarthen Scroll
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The Carmarthen Scroll is a mysterious piece of paper that King Arthur attempts to translate during his desperate quest to make Excalibur whole again.


Before the Curse

Carmarthen Scroll 504
Arthur tries to translate the scroll. ("The Broken Kingdom")

Arthur is going through a multitude of prophecies written across dozens of scrolls, trying to find the secret behind the whereabouts of the Dark One's dagger. He flicks through the books that also litter his table, scratching out sentences in others with his quill as he does so; he appears to be very strung out. Suddenly, the door to the tower opens, and the King of Camelot instantly grabs Excalibur in response, needing to sheathe it in case someone who's not in the know might glance upon it and see that it's broken. Luckily, it's just Guinevere, who tells him not to worry. He is glad to see her, revealing that he's almost translated the command on the scroll, which required taking language fragments from a dozen different books; "Can you believe how close we are to the other half?" He holds up a scroll, sure that he's right in thinking that in his hands are directions to the Dark One's dagger, clear as day. There's just the three symbols on the scroll he can't figure out - a star, an eye and a sun - and he asks her what she thinks they mean. "It means... come to the party; dance with your wife," she begs, but he insists that he can't until he's finished this translation, wondering if she doesn't understand. Later on, when Guinevere goes searching for the dagger to stop her husbands obsession, she uses the symbols from the scroll to unlock the Vault of the Dark One. ("The Broken Kingdom")