Camelot Refugees' Camp
Camelot Refugees' Camp
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The Camelot Refugees' Camp is where the citizens of Camelot, who were brought to Storybrooke by the third Dark Curse, set up camp until they're able to return home.


After the Third Curse

Season 5

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Arthur and Guinevere reunite at the refugee camp. ("The Price")

After the main group of heroes adventure to Camelot, a third curse is cast, thus sending them all home, plus bringing the citizens of Camelot with them. The heroes help set up a refugee camp in the woods, putting up tents, getting bottles of water, and the likes. Here, King Arthur finds and reunites with Queen Guinevere, but all the joy is cut short when a fury arrives to kidnap Robin Hood due to an unpaid price of magic during the six week adventure. ("The Price") Having been planning to conquer Storybrooke and make it into the new Camelot, Arthur makes friends with David and leads him on a wild goose chase to find out who has stolen from the reliquary since arriving in town. With the help of Belle, David is able to go back to the refugee camp with the Doctoberfest Cup and come up with who did it, that being Grif, who flees on his horse. ("Siege Perilous") With the heroes having learned of Arthur's lies, David goes to his and Guinevere's tent at the refugee camp and confronts him. This results in the King fleeing, only to be chased by Hook through the woods, and be promptly arrested. ("Birth")