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Have you ever been impaled upon a cane before?
Mr. Gold

The Business Man is an unnamed man who ran into Rumple, Emma and Henry at an airport in "Tiny".


After the Curse

Season 2

Business Man 213 1
Mr. Gold threatens the business man. ("Tiny")

At Logan International Airport, Emma, Gold and Henry are seen receiving their plane tickets before heading over to customs. In the queue, Henry asks Mr. Gold if he's ever been outside of Storybrooke before, and Gold replies that he hasn't, his tone making it clear that it's obvious. Henry then wonders if he's nervous and Gold again answers negatively. Henry then asks if Gold's worried about meeting his son but he exclaims that he's fine. Emma suggests that they talk about all of this later and ushers her kid up the queue, telling him that they're next, and as the kid moves forward, he notes that it must be really hard not to use magic and be like everyone else. He proceeds to place his coat and shoes in a basket ready to be carried away, and Emma begins to do the same, pulling out a basket for Gold and telling him that he's got to put his shoes in. He looks at her, confused, and states, "How terribly uncivilized." Henry walks through the security gate as Gold removes his shoes and places them in the basket. The TSA agent standing there tells him that his scarf and cane have to go in, too, and Gold appears confused once more. The security guard repeats himself and Gold turns to Emma, who sighs, telling her that he can't. The blonde says that he has to and the business man behind them tells Gold that it's not rocket science, asking him if he's ever been on a plane before. Rumple grips his cane and asks the man, "Have you ever been impaled upon a cane before?" Emma restrains the pawnbroker and apologizes to the man, saying that her father (referring to Gold) is a little nervous as they're headed to a family reunion. ("Tiny")

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