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You may have the title of hero, but not the job.

The Burly Knight is an unnamed knight working for King George seen in "The Shepherd".


Before the Curse

Burly Knight 106
The burly knight talks to Charming. ("The Shepherd")

When Prince James fights against the Behemoth, the burly knight witnesses the prince get slain. He later talks to King George and states that King Midas will find another warrior to slay the dragon if he finds out James died. Afterwards, George finds James' twin brother, Charming, and uses him as a replacement. As Charming attempts to fix his armor, one of his brother's former knights approaches him and tells him to allow him, explaining to Charming that he's fastened it wrong, altering the shoulder of the armor himself. The knight takes the golden sword, Charming asks how he'll fight and protect himself, the knight tells him that he won't. He will stay outside the cave as the knights kill the dragon - "If you don't come out of this alive, Midas won't give our kingdom any gold. You might have the title of hero, but not the job.", he explains. They hear the almighty dragon roar from its mountain home and stare up at where the beast shall be. When they're fighting the dragon, the burly knight is crawling away, on fire and burnt, screaming at the dragon, his sword aimed, telling Charming to go. Charming pulls him back down the trail and the dragon emerges from its cave, spitting fire at the prince as it does so. The golden sword is dropped and the knight dragged securely to safety by Charming who places him behind a large boulder. "Where's your sword?", Charming asks, the dragon flies towards them from out of the clouds before the knight can answer, it's breath flaming down upon them, they are just barely shielded by the boulder which takes the flames. Screaming is heard and the two of them look over at the flaming, headless knight just ahead, they panic and Charming helps the knight to his feet. Charming tells the knight to stay where he is before managing to find the golden sword and using his shepherd maneuvers to slay the dragon himself. ("The Shepherd")

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