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This Burly Guy had is drink stolen by Cyrus when in Underland. This caused a fight to break out between the two, and the entirety of the establishment. He appears in "Heart of the Matter".


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW111 01
The Caterpillar strikes up a deal... ("Heart of the Matter")

In the Underland of Wonderland, Cyrus makes his way down a flight of stairs to the bar-like establishment. When walking through, a random woman runs her hand across his cheek when walking by, herself. As the former genie continues strolling on through, man blows smoke from his nose into Cyrus' face, which he simply ignores. The former genie finally makes his way to the Caterpillar, who exclaims, "Ah, long time no see, genie." Cyrus corrects the Caterpillar, however, stating he is no longer a genie; the Caterpillar asks if he should offer "congratulations or condolences." Cyrus states that he seeks neither, but that he's there about an item he traded the Caterpillar long ago: the Lost and Found; he asks if the creatures still has it. The Caterpillar states that that depends on how much it's worth to Cyrus, who replies that it's worth a great deal to him, but that he has little to pay. He was instead hoping they could come to an alternative arrangement. The Caterpillar's servant whispers into the Caterpillar's ear, causing him to chuckle, and he offers Cyrus back the compass in exchange for Alice and the Knave of Hearts.

OW111 02
...which Cyrus rejects. ("Heart of the Matter")

"You're still interested in them?" Cyrus asks, as he briefly looks at the ground to see a miniature Alice run past his feet and underneath the canopy that stands behind the Caterpillar. The creature states that they have an unpaid debt, but Cyrus replies that bounty hunting isn't really his thing. "And charity isn't mine." Alice is seen looking around, and soon finds the compass. "I guess you'll be leaving empty handed then," the Caterpillar remarks, but Cyrus sees Alice emerging from the canopy, dragging the compass. "Not entirely," Cyrus replies, grabbing a drink off of a tray a waiter is seen carrying by, "You just bought me a drink." The Caterpillar chuckles as Cyrus walks off, but a burly guy stops the former genie, stating that he took his drink, and needs to pay for it. Cyrus, seemingly not caring, tells him to put it on his tab. The burly guy pulls out a knife, however, stating "why not I put you on your arse?" He goes to cut Cyrus, but the former genie dodges it, as does he when another group of men come for him. As a fight breaks out, Cyrus sees Alice with the compass and grabs them both as he exits the establishment. ("Heart of the Matter")

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