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I should throw you back in the gutter where I found you!

The blacksmith is an ironmaster from Agrabah who found young Jafar in a gutter and took him under his wing, albeit to treat the child as a servant with verbal and physical abuse.


Before the Curse

Maybe another night without food will remind you to be better prepared.
OW104 01
The blacksmith hides as Jafar can't help but to look at the powerful Amara. ("The Serpent")

In Agrabah, its residents are seen going about their daily chores in a street market, working or shopping. A blacksmith is perfecting a metal instrument, and he then calls out for a "boy", telling him the fire he's working with is dying. He calls out for the boy again, and a young man shows up, bringing with him a basket with flammable material, and he starts to tell the blacksmith that there was no coal that day, so he had to resort to something else, but the man takes the basket from his hand, saying "No excuses!" Then, he angrily pushes the boy, who falls against some vases, and the man tells him he should throw the boy back in the gutter where he found him. The boy begs him not to, and the man picks up some object and throws it at where the boy is, hitting the vase next to him as he cowers. The man then tells him that maybe another night without food will remind him to be better prepared. The boy looks at him with horror in his eyes. Then, the blacksmith resumes his work, as the boy looks at him with a mixture of fear and contempt. Then, in the street, the people go about their affairs, and then they all suddenly start to run away, hide and/or cower in fear, due to the presence of a dark sorceress: Amara. The powerful witch is seen with a little basket, hoping to get whatever she needs from the fair. The young man in the blacksmith's office appears to be captivated by her, as he can't stop looking at her. The man calls out for him, telling him to turn away. Amara picks up some food supplies from a stand and then magicks up a coin which twirls on the stand, leaving it there as payment. The woman then notices the young man staring at her, ignoring his master's requests for him to turn away, or his warning that the witch will burn them where they stand. However, the young boy is unmoved. He keeps looking at the woman with fascination, and she acknowledges his presence too, and the fact that he is watching her. Their eyes lock. Then, the witch resumes her affairs, as the people cower while she passes them by, and the young man keeps looking at her. Later, the young man goes to Amara and asks to be taken under her wing and to be taught the arts of mark magic. ("The Serpent")

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