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The Black Knight was an unnamed man working for Queen Regina during her search for Snow White. He chased the princess to the edge of a cliff but she managed to escape with the help of a mermaid.


Before the Curse

Black Knights 306 1
Snow White is cornered. ("Ariel")

Snow White peaks through some leaves, looking for something, when suddenly she hears men shouting behind her, yelling "After her". Snow runs away and then two black knights appear and they begin to chase after the princess. Snow runs at a fast pace through the forest as the knights chase her, telling her to stop, however she doesn't listen. She jumps over rocks and slides down mud hills to escape the knights, but they continue to be hot on her tail. She manages to get a lead and then runs out of the forest, however, she finds herself on the edge of a cliff. She stops in fright and looks down at the ocean below, sighing "Really?". The two knights then emerge from the forest and get ready to draw their swords. One of them tells Snow she's a long way from home and then asks if she really thought she could hide from the queen here. Snow admits she did. The guard then tells her not to worry as they're here to take her back. They both draw their swords as the guard tells Snow that the queen is eager to see her again. Snow simply smiles and tells them it's not going to happen. She turns and jumps into the waters, much to the guards displeasure. As she hits the water, she falls unconscious and begins to sink.

Black Knights 306 2
Regina punishes her foolish knights. ("Ariel")

Later on, Snow is revealed to be alive and at a ball with Ariel, a mermaid. Regina is watching them from a mirror in her Dark Castle with the two guards who chased Snow behind her. She watches the two friends talk and snarls with disgust. One of the guards confirms that the woman with the red hair is the one who rescued Snow White, he adds that he thought she had a tail but confirms its her. Regina tells the guards that next time they let someone fall to their death they should make sure they're actually dead. The guard claims that she looked dead, but Regina tells him "No, death looks more like this" before giving a wave of her hand and snapping his neck with magic. The second guard is left terrified as he asks if the queen wants him to send more knights after Snow White, but she tells him that they've proved unequal to the task. A thought suddenly pops into her head and then she turns to the mirror, in which she can see the two girls, and she tells him that she's got a new idea. She then continues to watch Ariel and Snow talking while she smiles evilly. ("Ariel")