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The Black Knight is an unnamed knight working for Queen Regina in "Child of the Moon".


Before the Curse

Black Knight 2 207 1
Party's over. ("Child of the Moon")

An arrow is fired into the den that the wolves are hiding in, hitting Quinn in the chets, he falls back. They are stunned and Snow realizes that the Queen's men have found her. Multiple Black Knights enter the den, one tells Anita to stand down and so she breaks his neck. Another werewolf beats one with her fists whereas another is kicked in the stomach and falls to the floor. A few more necks are snapped and knights are tackled until, finally, all of them are dead. Red is crouched at Quinn's aid, horrified at the arrow in his chest. His head leans back and his eyes close, Red exclaims to Anita that he's gone. ("Child of the Moon")

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