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The Black Knight is an unnamed knight working for Queen Regina in "Child of the Moon".


Before the Curse

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The Black Knight gets attacked. ("Child of the Moon")

Snow White and Red Riding Hood are running at night through the Enchanted Forest. They are clearly running from something and, after reaching a certain distance, Snow tells her friend that she thinks they lost them. Red asks her to wait as her cloak has gotten caught on something, however, Snow runs on a little before being confronted by one of Regina's knights. He draws a sword, telling the princess that she cannot run from the Queen. Snow grabs his sword him and pulls it downwards before striking him in the face, Red aids her by grabbing the knight from behind, allowing Snow to bare her fist down on the back of his head, knocking him out. Red tells her friend to run as there are more soldiers on their way, Snow obliges and the two girls speed off. ("Child of the Moon")