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The Black Knight is an unnamed knight working for Queen Regina in "The Cricket Game".


Before the Curse

Black Knight 210 1
The Black Knight warns Regina. ("The Cricket Game")

The malevolent Queen Regina watches the village burn from a distance, sitting on her steed, conveying an eerie calm. Some knights of hers approach the Queen, and one of them shares with her the word that Snow White and the Prince have defeated King George: his army has fallen, and the kingdom is theirs. Regina asks about George, to which the knight replies that his fate is unknown, but without his forces they are now alone, and they cannot defeat them. "Do not tell me what we can or can't do," Regina says, with determination. The slightly intimidated black knight is silenced by this, until Regina asks him where Snow White is at the moment. He tells her she's alone, on her way back to meet the Prince. A wicked smile forms on Regina's face as she says, "Excellent. I don't care how many men you lose. Keep them apart long enough for me to find her. I will not let them defeat me." This said, she rides off on her horse into the woods, and the knights go their own way. ("The Cricket Game")