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Black Fairy
Black Fairy
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Black Fairy
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Rumplestiltskin - Son
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I hear fairies make wonderful mothers.
Evil Queen

The Black Fairy is a minor supporting character on Once Upon a Time. She is one of the most powerful fairies of all time, as well as the mother of Rumplestiltskin. She eventually kidnaps his newborn son Gideon to raise herself and turn into a villain.


Before the Curse

One of the most of powerful fairies that ever existed. Well versed in the dark magic. The Blue Fairy exiled her, but before she did she took her wand.
Tinker Bell

TBA ("The Black Fairy")

At a time, the Black Fairy was very powerful - one of the most powerful of fairies to have ever existed - and extremely well versed in dark magic. When on the run from the Evil Queen, Snow White goes to the Black Fairy for help, which is provided in the form of fairy dust. At an unknown point after this, the Black Fairy battles her nemesis, the Blue Fairy, and ultimately loses. As punishment for her crimes in the past, the evil fairy is exiled and her wand is confiscated. ("Snow Falls"/"Going Home")

Black Fairy 609
The Black Fairy is confronted by her son. ("Changelings")

Knowing of the Black Fairy's tendency to steal the children she once swore to protect, Rumplestiltskin uses a baby to lure her, also reading aloud the incantation that he tricked his unwitting servant Belle into translating for him. The Black Fairy then flies on down, confused about who would dare to summon her, at which Rumple uses squid ink to immobilize her. He then introduces himself, and she knows him to be the Dark One, pointing out that if he knows her in turn then he should be aware that squid ink shan't hold her long. Rumple needs but a moment though, needing a few answers from the fairy. He begins to talk about how she takes babies from their mothers' arms, then questioning why, of all the babies in all the realms, she decided to abandon the one child that was actually hers. It is then that she comes to realize what this is about, and the Dark One confirms that he, Rumplestiltskin, is her son - of course, she would know that had she bothered to even give him a name. Upon being questioned on why she abandoned him, the Black Fairy laughs, believing that he of all people should know that sometimes you have to pick power over love. The confrontation is interrupted by Belle, who steps in to save the innocent baby that was being used as bait, and the squid ink wears off in this time, meaning the Black Fairy is able to move and grab Rumple by the throat. She tells him that time's up; no more answers for him today. She guesses he'll just have to keep on wondering, then addressing him scathingly as "son" before flying off. ("Changelings")

After the Third Curse

Season 6

Black Fairy 616
Mother's involuntary little helper. ("Mother's Little Helper")

When Belle and Rumplestiltskin have their son, Gideon, Belle has the Blue Fairy take him away to give him his best chance at a good life; however, the Black Fairy comes through a portal and kidnaps him. ("Changelings"/"Wish You Were Here") She brings Gideon back to her own realm, a place where time runs differently, where she proceeds to raise him as her own, treating him differently than the other children she steals to make work in her mines. When Gideon is around the age of ten he finds a book that Belle had sent away with him, but when the Black Fairy learns he stole it from her things she proceeds to brutally punish his innocent friend. She allows Gideon the chance to be the hero he wants to be and save the boy, but he hesitates. Years later, on Gideon's 28th birthday, the Black Fairy sets up a test for Gideon: she claims the key to her vault is missing and instructs Gideon to find the culprit and punish them with dark fairy dust. When learning that it's his old friend Roderick, he's convinced to betray the Black Fairy and help find a way to contact the Savior to kill her. The Black Fairy catches on to this though and is disappointed by Gideon's disloyalty. She turns Roderick into a bug and kills him after Gideon attempts to turn her into one with the dust, and then rips out Gideon's heart to force him to find the Savior, kill her, and use Hrunting to free the Black Fairy from this realm. Gideon somewhat succeeds in his mission, not exactly killing Emma, but gets the portal open for the Black Fairy to slip through. She assures Gideon they have much more to do, after making him admit that even if he wasn't under her control there's a bit of him that wants to help her. ("Mother's Little Helper")

Black Fairy 617
During a family reunion, the Black Fairy one-ups her son. ("Awake")

The Black Fairy makes her way to the pawn shop where she reveals herself to Rumple. He realizes that Gideon's plan of becoming the Savior and a hero was all just a ruse in order to bring his evil grandmother to town, but when Gideon defends her as being his mother, Belle emerges from the back room and formally meets the Black Fairy. Belle assures Gideon that no matter what he's done to help the Black Fairy he can always come back to her and Rumple; however, the Black Fairy believes otherwise. She gains control over Rumple's dagger but chooses not to use it against him, instead assuring once the darkness arrives he will join her and they'll be the family they were meant to be. Meanwhile, due to the Black Fairy's arrival, pixie flowers begin sprouting all over town which is a result of the presence of a great evil. Snow and Emma head for the woods to find some to use in order to break Snow and David's sleeping curse; however, the Black Fairy and Gideon arrive to prevent this. Gideon is instructed to wipe out the flowers, though he leaves one behind, to the Black Fairy's oblivion. Rumple confronts his mother again that night, having discovered that the only reason Gideon is listening to her is because she has his heart. However, he points out that Gideon has found a way to resist the Black Fairy's command because he has Belle in him - his real mother - the one that truly loves him. Rumple promises to get Gideon's heart back, even if there's nothing left of the town when he's finished. ("Awake")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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