Birdbark Tree
Birdbark Tree
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The Birdbark Tree is a type of tree native to Wonderland. The tree is unique to others as it gives off the sound of birds chirping and its wood floats into the air.


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW107 08
Alice and Will discover a Birdbark Tree. ("Bad Blood")

As Alice and Will make their way closer to Jafar's castle, they discover that it's actually atop a floating island. All hope seems lost until Alice comes up with an idea to use the branches of a magical tree to float up. As they begin building the box, a scream is heard coming from the woods...and Edwin, Alice's father emerges (although it's actually Jafar in disguise). After a quick reunion, Jafar, under the disguise of Edwin, attempts to mend his relationship with Alice. However, she becomes upset and angry and tells her father she'll never forgive him. After Will and Edwin have a talk about Alice and whether she should forgive him, Alice asks Will if she should forgive her father. Will tells her she shouldn't but he knows she will, because its the right thing to do. However, this conversation is cut short when a dragon summoned by Jafar flies down and attacks them, destroying their birdbark tree contraption. Instinctively, Alice protects her father and the three run through the forest. However, Edwin trips and the dragon proceeds to attack him. Alice protects her father by slaying the dragon and then father and daughter embrace. ("Bad Blood")