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You can't tell what's in a person's heart until you truly know them.

Belle is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time. Belle was chosen by Rumplestiltskin to pose as his caretaker in exchange for her family's well-being during the Ogre Wars, and eventually the two of them fell in love. Regina then kidnapped Belle before she enacted the Dark Curse and Belle became trapped in the town of Storybrooke, Maine as Belle Gold (née French), kept away from society inside a mental asylum. Shortly before the curse is broken, Belle is freed and reunites with her beloved former master. Belle is then forced to adjust to a newfound life in Storybrooke with Rumple, who seeks to be a better man for her. However, the fair beauty is tasked with helping him along on the bumpy road to redemption.


Before the Curse

You just don't think I can love you. Now you've made your choice and you're going to regret it forever. All you'll have is an empty heart... and a chipped cup.
406 01
Belle and her mother try to hide during the ogre attack. ("Family Business")

One day, during the Ogres War, the ogres reach their castle, and Belle and her mother, Colette, try to hide, but the latter sacrifices herself when the ogres find them, and a guard is able to pull Belle to safety. Belle soon loses memories of these events, awakening in bed and not remembering how her mother died. When learning that the rock trolls can restore her memories, she expresses interest in find them, but her father, Maurice will not hear of it. Belle disobeys him, however, travelling to Arendelle where she meets a woman named Anna who can help her find the head rock troll, Grand Pabbie. As the two gals prepare to climb the mountain, Anna uses Belle's ice pick and drops an item which is soon revealed to be the Sorcerer's hat, capable of absorbing magic which she stole from a "twisted man". Once meeting Pabbie, Belle's memories are turned into a stone, and she is instructed to return to where she lost her memories, brew a tea with the stone in the kettle, and drink it to remember everything. Meanwhile, Anna learns that there is more to know about her aunt Ingrid than what she has been told. Worrying for Elsa's safety, Anna hurries to get back to her, but a storm is created by the Snow Queen, trapping her and Belle. Belle soon loses her stone, having been thrown aside by the wind, and also lets Anna get captured by the Snow Queen. Belle returns home, choosing not to go after Anna, and finally learns from her father her mother's fate. Once learning the ogres have reached the outside road, Belle suggest seeking help from the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, despite there always being a price for magic - she wants to be as brave as her mother once was. ("Family Business")

Belle EL 112
Belle agrees to work for Rumple. ("Skin Deep")

As the Ogre War gets worse and worse, Sir Maurice has grown even more and more concerned, and has a meeting arranged with the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin. Once arriving, Rumple strikes up a deal that he will protect Maurice's land, ending the war, and saving his people, all in exchange for the Sir's daughter, Belle. The Dark One reveals he is looking to use her as a servant in his castle, and though Maurice initially refuses, Belle agrees to go with the beast, sacrificing herself for the sake of her land and her loved ones. Belle's fiancé, Gaston, and Maurice try to stop her, but her mind has been made up. Belle then leaves for the Dark Castle where she is given rough treatment, being forced to sleep in the dungeons. However, whilst working for her new master, she accidentally chips a cup, and a relatively sympathetic Rumple goes easy on her. ("Skin Deep")

Belle 219
Belle frees Rumple's prisoner. ("Lacey")

Belle continues to cry in her cell, much to the annoyance of Rumplestiltskin who gives her a pillow to muffle the racket she's been making. A noise is heard upstairs and Belle follows her keeper as he goes to investigate and discovers a thief trying to steal a magic wand. Rumple apprehends the thief and takes him prisoner, meaning that Belle is forced to listen to the sound of his torture all day long. Feeling sorry for the thief, she sets him free, causing Rumple to become heavily distraught. He tells her that she fell for a rouse as the thief took the magic wand on his way out, but Belle still believes their to be noble intentions behind the robbery. To punish her stupidity, Rumple forces Belle to accompany him as he goes to find the thief so that he can kill him, but when they begin to lose track of him, they meet with the Sheriff of Nottingham, who offers to tell them of the thief's whereabouts in exchange for a night with Belle. Rumple refuses this offer and takes the sheriff's tongue, saying he can have it back if he tells him what he wants. The sheriff agrees and tells Rumple that the thief goes by Robin Hood and is hiding out in Sherwood Forest. Rumple and Belle find Robin and see him cure his dying love using the magic wand. Belle tells Rumple that this proves Robin's good intentions, but Rumple continues to take aim with the bow and arrow. They see that the woman is pregnant but Rumple fires anyway, however, his arrow misses, and as this is a bow that never misses its target, Belle takes it to mean there is some good in Rumple after all. When they return home, Rumple shows Belle a room full of books that she's able to read, and she is very thankful, despite him telling her that it's merely another room to clean. ("Lacey")

Belle 411
Belle becomes leverage. ("Heroes and Villains")

Thinking Rumple is away, Belle uses this time to search through his castle instead of cleaning it. He returns home a few days early, however, and discovers this. Belle argues that he has so many items from all over the world that he never talks about, and all she has ever wanted to do herself was travel the world herself. When trying to get him to open up to her, he transports her outside to do the laundry, something that she isn't too happy about. When talking to herself, something catches her site - a little dalmatian puppy. As she begins following it into the woods, she is suddenly kidnapped by an unknown person. Later, when Rumple goes to check on his maid, he sees she has vanished. A raven flies over the castle, dropping off a magical sand dollar for Rumple, containing a video message of Belle who is being held captive in exchange for the Gauntlet from Camelot. Knowing who is behind this, Rumple tracks down the culprit, Maleficent, who is accompanied by none other than Cruella De Vil and the Sea Witch, Ursula. Rumple tries choking Maleficent in order to regain his maid, but Ursula uses her tentacles to slowly suffocate Belle until the Dark One gives in, tossing the Gauntlet over and freeing Maleficent. He warns them that that was a risky move, but Ursula states it was worth it, as they have spent too long living in a world where villains never win. Cruella reveals that the Gauntlet will reveal their enemies weaknesses and they will be the victors. Ursula then shoves Belle over to the Dark One, and she along with her two allies disappear. Belle questions why Rumple would do such a thing, but he states it doesn't matter as they will not be able to harm her. Belle asks why he cares about her, to which Rumple awkwardly pushes her away, claiming he doesn't, but if anyone is going to crush her heart it's going to be him. Later on, Rumple returns to the evil trio, taking back his Gauntlet. ("Heroes and Villains")

112 11
Romance blooms. ("Skin Deep")

Whilst Belle is up on a ladder trying to fix Rumple's curtains, the Dark One is spinning at the wheel and asked by his maid why he does this so much. He explains that it helps him forget things, leading her to wonder what he needs to forget. Not answering, he jokes that it must have worked, and Belle laughs. Rumple then wonders what she's doing herself, and she tells him that she's trying to open the curtains to let the light of Spring in, but they're stuck. She asks if he nailed them down, and he says that he did; she continues to try to get them open, but the curtains tear and she falls from her ladder, leading Rumple to catch her in her arms; an awkward yet romantic moment ensues, and he promptly places her back on the ground. Later, Rumple and Belle are conversing, during which time she admits to her past ambitions of heroism and that she had no interest in her old fiancé Gaston, and she soon mentions having seen small clothes in his closet, as if for a child. He admits that they were his son's, and Belle is curious to hear about him. Before she can do so, there is someone at the door, and Rumple answers it to Belle's former fiancé, who demands that the beast unhand the lady. However, he simply uses his magic to transform Sir Gaston into a rose, killing him, and gives the rose to Belle as a present. ("Skin Deep")

Belle EL 311
Belle interrupts Baelfire's remembrance. ("Going Home")

In his castle's library, Rumple lights a candle for Baelfire's birthday, stating that it's been too many years to count, but he hasn't stopped counting. Belle soon walks in but is told to go away by her master, who snuffs out the candle. She apologizes, not having realized that he was carrying out a remembrance, and Rumple explains that it's his son's birthday. Belle wonders how old he would be now, but Rumple tells her that he's not dead, he's just "lost". She doesn't understand what this means and asks how this came to be, and Rumple tells her that it was due to his cowardice. She assures him that it's not too late for him to redeem himself, but Rumplestiltskin denies this, stating that his ending will not be a happy one. ("Going Home")

Rumple 112
Belle falls in love with Rumplestiltskin. ("Skin Deep")

Rumple soon becomes so friendly with Belle that he lets her go; he tells her that she is to go into town and buy some more straw for him to spin, and when she returns, he will tell her all about his son, Bae. She asks if he trusts her to come back, to which he admits that he never expects to see her again. To the Dark One's shock, Belle later returns with the straw he requested, and asks to hear about Bae. He tells her that his son was lost, and that there's not much more to tell. She wonders if he's loved anyone else since this occurred, and it isn't long before the two of them share a passionate kiss of true love. This kiss begins to return Rumple's skin to normal, robbing him of his magic, and so he quickly stops. Belle tells him that it was working and that true love's kiss can break any curse, even his, but this leads him to wonder who told her this. He soon realizes that this was Regina's attempt to rob him of his powers, as the Queen conversed with Belle when she left the castle, but his maid continues to try to convince him that her love is true. She asks why he won't believe her, and he exclaims that no one could ever love him, proceeding to throw the girl back into her old room in the dungeons. He then goes into a fit of rage and begins smashing up his belongings; he throws his tea set at the wall, smashing each cup, but stops short of the one that Belle chipped, which he keeps around. Later, he lets her go, telling her that she's free and that his power means more to him than her, but she refutes this, saying that he just doesn't think she can love him; but now he's made his choice and he's going to regret it forever, and all he'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup. She leaves. ("Skin Deep")

Belle 114
Belle tells Grumpy to follow his love. ("Dreamy")

When Dreamy shares his feelings with Bossy at a local pub, stating that he can't make them out. Belle, who is sitting next to him, tells him that he is in love. Dreamy wonders what love is like, to which Belle replies that it is the most wonderful and amazing thing in the world, but also that it doesn't always last forever. Dreamy tells her that Nova, the fairy he is in love with, probably doesn't even love him back, for all she talked about was meeting with him at the top of a hill to watch the fireflies. Belle chuckles and tells him that her intention was not to focus on the fireflies, but to ask him to come and be with her at that spot. She adds that she has already had her heart broken enough times to know when someone is reaching out. She insists that he go see Nova while he still can. ("Dreamy")

Belle FL 211
Belle goes on an adventure. ("The Outsider")

The next day, Belle is drinking in the bar when Dreamy approaches her, thanking her for her advice about love. After noticing she seems to want an adventure, he tells her to go on a hunting party for a creature named the "Yaoguai"; she happily listens and goes on the trip. Whilst on the wagon with her companions, Belle reveals that she knows how to track the beast using books. After the men make sexist remarks, she gives them the wrong direction before being kicked off and left on her own. Within hours she finds the beast's cave but is attacked, however, Mulan, who was hunting the beast, scares it away. At the village being tormented by the Yaoguai, Belle is attacked by the companions she tricked, but Mulan saves her yet again. The two women team up to slay the beast. Mulan's leg is injured from the fight so she is unable to slay the beast, so she gives Belle her sword. Belle enters the village which is under attack and she fights off the beast, stopping it when she pours water onto its fiery mane. The beast writes in the ground that he needs help, so Belle, using her wit and fairy dust Dreamy gave her, turns the beast back into a man, Prince Phillip. She takes him back to Mulan so they can both be treated for their wounds. She leaves the two together and sets off to find Rumple, but she is captured by Queen Regina. ("The Outsider") Shortly after Belle is captured by Regina, who holds her as her prisoner in the Dark Palace, the evil queen visits Rumplestiltskin and tells him that Belle committed suicide after being shunned by her family. ("Skin Deep")

Belle 209
Belle, locked up in Regina's palace. ("Queen of Hearts")

Unbeknownst to Rumplestiltskin, Belle is held captive by Queen Regina and she is held in the Dark Palace. Captain Hook eventually learns of Belle and her relationship with Rumplestiltskin, so he leaves Neverland and he breaks in to the Dark Palace to find her cell, hoping to gain information on how to kill Rumplestiltskin. He eventually reaches her cell and when he enters, Belle asks what he's doing. He explains that he needs her help in killing Rumplestiltskin and adds that Rumplestiltskin is attacking her father, in hopes of convincing her to help. Belle does not believe him and states that she can talk and reason with Rumplestiltskin because he's not a monster. When Hook does not budge, Belle states she doesn't know how to kill him, and she doesn't want to. Hook finds her useless and then admits that he didn't come to save her. He knocks her unconscious by punching her and then he prepares to kill her. However, Queen Regina enters the cell and stops him by removing his Hook. She explains that Belle is a valuable chess piece. ("Queen of Hearts")

After the Curse

Season 1

I was told to find you and tell you that Regina locked me up.
Belle 112
Belle, locked up. ("Skin Deep")

After Mr. Gold kidnaps and beats up Belle's father, Moe French, for stealing the chipped cup from his home, Regina heads over to the hospital and gives the residing nurse a rose, claiming it's because she knows how hard she works. Regina asks if anyone has come to visit "her", and the nurse assures her that nobody has, not that day, not ever. Regina keeps walking straight ahead, going through the sealed rooms of the mentally insane, and finds the door belonging to Belle. She lifts open a small flap in the door that shows the cell of Belle's cursed counterpart, prompting her to look upwards. Regina looks at her and smiles, wickedly so. ("Skin Deep")

Belle 122
Belle and Mr. Gold look down the well. ("A Land Without Magic")

Jefferson pretends to be a doctor and sneaks down to the psychiatric ward to free Belle's counterpart. When he finds her, he tells her to go and find Mr. Gold and to tell him that Regina had locked her up, promising she will be protected by him. Belle understands this task and she later visits Mr. Gold's shop. She finds Mr. Gold, who is shocked to see her. She tells him that she was told to say Regina had locked her up and then asks if that means anything to him. As Gold struggles to believe Belle is alive, she tells him she was told he'd protect her. Gold breaks down crying and says he will protect her. Failing to recognize him, Belle asks if she knows him. Gold tells her she doesn't, but she will. Later, he leads her out into the woods, and, due to Emma Swan successfully breaking the curse, she remembers her life, and tells Rumpelstiltskin that she loves him. She then witnesses him creating the purple smoke that spreads across Storybrooke. ("A Land Without Magic")

Season 2

Trust me, I'm... sort of an expert when it comes to rehabilitation.
Belle 201
Belle begs Rumple not to kill Regina. ("Broken")

At the well, moments after Rumplestiltskin had brought magic to Storybrooke, he asks Belle to tell him what happened to her. Belle tells him that she was abducted and locked away for twenty-eight years by Regina. Rumple swears to get revenge, but Belle begs him to promise he won't kill Regina; which he does and they both kiss. Rumple takes Belle back to his store and gives her some new clothes to change into. As he gets her the clothes, he also gets a pendent which he uses to mark Regina so a Wraith, a magical soul sucking creature from the fairytale land can come and kill her for him, this not breaking his promise to Belle. When the creature arrives, Rumple tells Emma, Snow and Charming that he brought it to take care of Regina. Belle overhears this conversation and leaves, upset with Rumple's betrayal. However, after having a change of heart, Belle realizes that she needs to help Rumple become a better person. She returns to his shop and is touched to see that he kept the tea cup she had chipped whilst working for him. ("Broken")

Belle 204
Belle is approached by a strange man. ("The Crocodile")

Belle is awakened at night after having a nightmare featuring Rumple, still an unchanged man. She wakes up and finds herself in bed alone, so she goes to look for Rumple. She finds him in the basement of their house, turning thread into gold and practicing magic. When she questions him about this the next morning, he lies to her, so she leaves, disappointed in him. She visits Granny's Diner and curiously tries out iced tea, which she falls in with. She meets Ruby at the diner and Belle explains she's been a "kept" woman until recently. She also tells the girl she may be headed for a bad breakup. Ruby offers her a place to stay, gratifying Belle. Belle then explains she wants a living, so Ruby suggests the library when she tells her she likes books. Belle visits the library, but it's closed, so she looks through some boarded up windows. She is suddenly approached by a man who kidnaps her. She's taken to her father, who was looking for her after discovering she was being held captive by Rumple. Belle explains she chose to stay with Rumple. Realizing she loves the beast, Maurice orders Smee to go with their other plan. Belle is then taken away by Smee to the mines where she is handcuffed to a cart and pushed over of the town boundaries. However, Rumple saves her with his magic before it's too late. After a quick reunion, Belle tells her lover and father she never wants to see them again. Belle is later mysteriously given the key to the library. Whilst there, she finds out it was Rumple. After seeing he gave it to her as an act of kindness and not a plot to win her back, she decides to forgive him and asks him for dinner. ("The Crocodile")

Belle 207
Belle fears for her friend's life. ("Child of the Moon")

At Granny’s Diner, during the celebration for the discovery of the diamonds in the mines, Ruby is approached by Billy, who not so subtly tries to get a date with her. Concerned that she may be turning into a wolf, Ruby tries to turn him down but has difficulty, so Belle saves her by telling Billy they’re having a girl’s night. After being thanked, Belle explains she can spot a girl in trouble, but wonders why she was as Billy seemed nice. Ruby tells her it’s complicated. Later on, when Billy is found dead, everyone accuses Ruby of killing him whilst in her wolf form. Certain that she didn’t do it, Charming and Granny asks Belle if they can hide her at the library, she agrees. When Charming thanks her, she tells him “of course” and then says it isn’t every day you find out your friend is hunted. When Granny announces the mob is six blocks away, Belle is shocked to learn she has wolf hearing too. Charming and Granny then leave to prove Ruby’s innocence. He asks Belle to call them if the mob arrives. Later, Ruby tells Belle to leave as she’ll be turning into a wolf soon. She says the chains should hopefully hold, so Belle explains she’s staying. Ruby warns Belle of how dangerous she is, but Belle tells Ruby that she and Charming can see the good in her, so wonders why she can’t. Ruby then sneakily locks Belle with some chains, stating she is a monster. She announces that she’ll give the mob what they want, a wolf. Belle says they’ll kill her, but Ruby asks if that’s what she deserves. Even later that night, when King George is found guilty of the murder and Ruby is saved, Ruby tells Charming that Belle is still locked up, so he leaves to free her. ("Child of the Moon")

Belle 208
Belle is told she is in danger. ("Into the Deep")

Belle and Rumplestiltskin go for a date at Granny’s Diner and they are given some very delicious food by its owner. After Rumple and Granny have an awkward encounter, he explains to Belle that they have a complicated relationship. Belle assures him that it will just take people time to get to know him, like she did. Regina interrupts their meal, claiming they need to talk. Rumple seems reluctant and then introduces Regina to Belle as the woman who locked her up for twenty-eight years. She offers to leave, but Rumple stops her, stating nothing will be kept a secret, so she can hear their conversation. Regina reveals that Cora is coming from their land and they need to stop her. A scared Rumple says that she’s dead as Regina saw the body; Regina says she must’ve been taught magic well. When Regina points out that it’ll be "unpleasant" for both of them is she arrives, Rumple says he can handle her as he "won last time". Regina points out that there is a difference this time as he cares about someone; he has a weakness, Belle. A confused Belle asks who Cora is, so Rumple assures her that it’s someone she’ll never meet. ("Into the Deep")

Belle 210
Belle witnesses Gold use magic on Pongo. ("The Cricket Game")

Belle is present in Mr. Gold's pawn shop when she presents the latter with a picnic basket filled with baked goods. He thanks her, stating everything looks delicious, however, they're soon interrupted when Emma, Snow and Charming enter the shop stating that they know he killed Archie Hopper, who had been murdered earlier on by Cora in disguise. Belle is shocked by the news that someone has died. When Emma explains all the evidence points to Regina, making the death seem suspicious, Belle sarcastically questions if Regina is capable of doing something that evil. Gold insists he didn't do it and offers to prove it by asking the witness, Pongo. When the dog is brought into the shop, Belle is touched to see how well Gold reacts to him. Gold explains that they can extract Pongo's memories harmlessly so they can see what happened at the time of Archie's death. When Emma has doubt trusting Gold, he points out that she'll be the one using magic. Using a magical dream catcher, Emma is finally able to see what happened during Archie's death, and everyone, including Belle, is horrified to see that it is in fact Regina who choked him to death. ("The Cricket Game")

Belle SB 211
Belle loses her memory when she crosses the town border. ("The Outsider")

After attending Archie's funeral, Belle is called by Mr. Gold who announces that he's found a way to leave town by charming the object he cherishes most (Baelfire's shawl). As it's something he must do alone, Belle is disappointed that she won't be joining him. Later on, when Belle arrives at the library, she's attacked by Captain Hook and she traps herself in the elevator, allowing herself time to call Gold for help. When Gold arrives, Hook has already left the library. As they head back to the shop, Belle demands the truth about why Hook hates him. He explains that Hook was responsible for Milah leaving him and Baelfire being motherless. When they arrive at the shop they find the shop has been destroyed and Baelfire's shawl has been stolen. As Gold leaves to get the shawl back, he leaves Belle behind with a gun to defend herself. After finding a knot Hook left behind, Belle realizes he came on his ship. She heads to the docks and uses her wit to find the hidden vessel. Once on board she finds and rescues Archie. However, she's found by Hook, who reveals that Rumple killed Milah. She attacks Hook and escapes and is then saved by Gold, who viciously beats the pirate and tells him to stay away. Later on, Belle says goodbye to Gold as he crosses the border, but she is shot by Hook and falls over the line and loses her memory. She is then nearly hit by a car that loses control when entering town. ("The Outsider")

Belle 212
Beauty fears the beast. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Shortly after being shot, Belle cowers on the ground, confused and in pain. As Emma, Snow and Charming arrive to the scene of the accident, Rumplestiltskin heals Belle's wound using magic, horrifying her. After being comforted by Snow, Belle is taken to the hospital, where she rests in a bed. As she sleeps in her hospital bed, Rumplestiltskin stands over her and watches her sadly. He leans in for a kiss, hoping to return her memories with true loves kiss, but as she awakens from her sleep, she doesn't react the way he'd hoped. Upon seeing him, she screams with intense fear, devastating Rumple, who leaves shortly after. After calming down, Rumplestiltskin visits Belle with the chipped cup, hoping it will help her remember. After being told to be careful with the treasured cup, Belle examines it, but only sees it as a simple cup. Rumple tells her to focus and states it is her talisman, confusing her. Rumple explains that she dropped it in his castle and she thought he'd be mad, but she becomes nervous and even more confused. She gives the cup back and tells him that he should leave, but he insists that she focus on the cup as it's charmed by magic. A scared Belle begs him to leave, but he refuses again, trying to give her the cup back. After a slight squabble of passing the cup to one another, Belle smashes it against the hospital wall, devastating Rumplestiltskin. Belle begs for a final time for him to leave, he agrees and apologizes before leaving. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Belle 213
Belle is approached by a suspicious Greg. ("Tiny")

Belle is seen at the hospital, watching television, when she is visited by Ruby, who stops by to give her a basket of her belongings as well as a new book to read. Belle is thankful and Ruby explains that the two of them were good friends as Belle was a regular customer at Granny's Diner, where Ruby works. Upon hearing this, Belle believes Ruby to be trusted and brings up the subject of magic, saying that she saw Mr. Gold holding a ball of fire in his hand as well as him heal her arm in an instant. Ruby tries to explain this away, stating that the medication Belle is under must be giving her wicked nightmares, but Belle exclaims that she knows what she saw. Ruby then addresses Belle by her name, but the latter demands to know why everyone keeps calling her that, clearly not recognizing it as her name since losing her memory. She soon becomes so distraught over the matter that a nurse is forced to sedate her and carry her back to bed. Later, Belle is approached by Greg Mendell, the man driving the car on the night of the accident. He says that he heard her conversation with Ruby about magic and Belle assures him that she isn't crazy as she knows what she saw. Greg then tells her that he knows she isn't crazy, because he saw the exact same thing. ("Tiny")

Belle 214
Belle is questioned by Regina. ("Manhattan")

Belle is still residing in her hospital bed when she is visited by Regina. Belle doesn't remember the mayor, and wonders if the two of them were friends. Regina then explains that she needs Belle in order to find something of Mr. Gold's - meaning his dagger - but Belle does not remember Gold, and states that she therefore cannot help Regina. At this, Regina knocks Belle out with a wave of her hand and uses magic to cause the belongings in the latter's handbag to fly around the room. With this, Regina retrieves a piece of paper with a note attached to it containing numbers, referencing a book in Belle's library. Believing this to be the location of the dagger, Regina leaves, unaware that Greg Mendell was watching the entire scene and filmed Regina using magic on his cell phone, with plans to use this to expose the magical world. At the library, Regina, Cora and Hook search for Rumple's dagger in the place that Belle's information indicates, but they instead find a treasure map. Hook translates the map and pinpoints the dagger's location, however, Cora knocks the pirate out and sets out with her daughter to find the dagger without him. ("Manhattan")

Belle 216
Belle receives an emotional phone call. ("The Miller's Daughter")

While Belle rests in her hospital bed, she receives a call from Rumplestiltskin. She calmly repeats to him that she doesn't remember who he is, but he understands and then informs her that he's dying. A clearly uncomfortable Belle apologizes to him. He then goes on to say that he knows she doesn't know who she is, so states he'll tell her. He tells Belle that she is a hero who helped her people and that she's a beautiful woman who loved a really ugly man. As he talks, Belle seems to become more and more emotional. He then tells her that she finds goodness in others, and when it isn't there, she creates it. Gold then confesses that she makes him want to go back, back to the best version of himself, claiming that has never happened before. As he continues, Belle begins to fight back her tears. He then tells Belle that when she looks into the mirror and doesn't know who she is, then she is what he just told her. With both now holding back their tears, Gold hangs up the call after finishing his goodbye. ("The Miller's Daughter")

Lacey 219
Mr. Gold hopes for Lacey to fall in love with him all over again. ("Lacey")

Belle is visited in hospital by Mr. Gold who tells her that he wants to help her regain her memories, she is thankful and he proceeds to get her discharged. After Gold leaves, Belle is approached by Regina, who hands her a charmed matchbook which causes the girl to "remember who she is". Mr. Gold wonders where Belle is when he returns to her room and discovers the matchbook for The Rabbit Hole, a club in the town. He finds Belle there, playing pool, with the new identity of Lacey, a party girl with loose morals. She dismisses Mr. Gold who asks David for advice. The prince tells Rumple that when he was cursed, there was still a sliver of Charming within him, and that the same will apply for Belle. Gold again approaches Lacey in The Rabbit Hole and asks her out on a date, she agrees to meet him at Granny's Diner that evening, much to his delight. The two of them are later seen on their date where Lacey appears completely unalike to Belle, until she subconsciously quotes her old self, causing Gold to become excited and accidentally spill his drink over her. She goes to the bathroom to wash it out but never returns, when Mr. Gold investigates, he discovers Lacey in the back alley making out with Keith, a guy she was talking to in the club earlier. She admits that the date wasn't going well at all as Mr. Gold is too nice for her. Later, Gold approaches Keith in an alley and begins to beat him severely, Lacey sees this, and takes pleasure in the fact that Mr. Gold really is as dark as they say. She continues to watch excitedly as Mr. Gold violently beats Keith presumably to death. ("Lacey")

Gold 220
Lacey, on a date with Mr. Gold, as Hook watches. ("The Evil Queen")

When Tamara and Greg drive a captive Captain Hook into Storybrooke, Maine, they keep him tied up in the clock tower, where they ask him to do a job for them. He initially refuses, saying that he's already killed Rumplestiltskin, meaning that his being is sated and his life's purpose has been fulfilled. The two of them then pull his chair up to the transparent clock face and put his telescope to his eye where through it he sees Mr. Gold and Lacey walking out of an establishment, talking happily after a presumable date. Hook is extremely angered to see that Rumplestiltskin is alive and happy with Belle and Tamara makes it very clear that Hook has failed in his revenge mission. Greg brings up the matter of the job again, and asks Hook if they have a deal, at which he accepts their offer. ("The Evil Queen")

Lacey 221
Lacey is happy to learn that she's dating the Dark One. ("Second Star to the Right")

Lacey and Gold are seen terrorizing Dr. Whale for staring at the former when Neal rushes out and restrains his father, letting the doctor go. Gold gives Lacey the keys to the pawn shop and tells him to wait there as he talks to his son. He soon returns and as the two of them are drinking together, they are visited by David and Mary Margaret, who say that Regina is missing. Gold is initially happy until David points out that he's owed a favor and the pawnbroker is forced to help, telling Lacey to wait in the other room. She obliges but eavesdrops on the entire conversation, seeing Gold charm a bottle of tears and telling Mary Margaret that it will enable her to magically experience whatever Regina is. She is very impressed by the fact that he can do magic and wonders why she was not told sooner, at which he tells her that it comes at a price and always drives away his loved ones. She promises not to leave him before asking if his magic will be able to keep her young so that they can be together forever, and Gold answers positively. However, he also reveals that being immortal doesn't mean one can't be killed, and that there's a prophecy saying that someone will be his undoing. Lacey advises him to get rid of them, but he says something is standing in his way. She says she thought he was the kind of man who let nothing stand in his way, and he tells her that he is, contemplating something. ("Second Star to the Right")

Belle 222
Belle regains her memory. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning")

Rumple arrives at his pawn shop to find the dwarfs raiding his shelves in search of something of Sneezy's, explaining that Mother Superior concocted a potion to return the memories of those who have crossed the town line, if it is drunk from a treasured item. The dwarfs take what they're looking for, but before Grumpy leaves, he gives Rumple some of the potion to be used on Belle. When Lacey asks what the conversation was about, Rumple refuses to tell her, not wanting to bring her memories back just for her to die. However, Gold later shows Lacey the broken chipped cup and repairs it with magic, before pouring out some potion and serving it to her. Lacey then fades away and Belle returns, hugging Mr. Gold who apologizes, saying that he didn't want to wake her up to die. Soon enough, Emma and Regina stop the fail-safe and the town is turned back to normal, however, Gold and Belle witness Greg and Tamara jump through a portal - with Henry. They plan to use the final bean to find Henry and return him home, but when Belle tries to get on the ship, Gold tells her that he needs her in Storybrooke to cast a protection spell, to stop Greg and Tamara's people from entering town. She assures her love that she will see him again. ("And Straight on 'Til Morning"/"Dark Hollow")

Season 3

I told you I'd see you again.
Belle 307 01
Belle enacts the cloaking spell. ("Dark Hollow")

Belle sadly watches from the docks as the Jolly Roger crew set off to their destination, Neverland. As she stands crying, Blue, Archie and the dwarfs come running up to her, excitedly yelling that they've been saved. Noticing the sad look on Belle's face, they ask what's wrong, so she explains that Henry has been kidnapped and taken through a portal. Blue wonders where the portal is to, but Belle doesn't know. She then reveals that she stayed behind because she had to, showing a potion and enchantment. Blue recognizes this as a cloaking spell. The fairy asks why they need this, so Belle explains that other people are coming. They head down to the mines and Belle notes that they need fairy dust. Blue explains that it runs through the walls, stating they need to open a vein and it'll carry the magic through town. The dwarfs dig a hole into a rock, but Belle becomes reluctant and asks Blue to perform the spell. However, the fairy states that Belle must do it as Rumple instructed her to. Belle does so, and a spell fires out, casting a cloak around the town. However, just before it completely takes form, two men that the spell was supposed to keep out make their way into town. ("Dark Hollow")

Belle 302
A vision of Belle helps Rumple make the right decision. ("Lost Girl")

As Rumplestiltskin sits alone in the jungle of Neverland, he hears strange sounds surrounding him. As he examines the area, he notices someone steal the doll that Felix had given him earlier. An annoyed Rumple says it doesn't belong to them and chases after the hooded figure. He catches up to them and discovers it to be Belle, much to his surprise. He asks how she got to Neverland, but she ignores his question and points out that she thought he didn't dress like the Dark One anymore as it was his past. He claims that it’s now his future as it’s the only way to save Henry. Belle points out that he hasn't completely become the Dark One, saying there’s still hope. As she leans in to kiss him, Rumple realizes that it’s not really Belle; she giddily confirms this, saying she’s still in Storybrooke. He asks if everything is fine, which she says it is. Rumple becomes distrustful of Belle and accuses her of being a vision conjured up by Pan, but she tells Rumple that he imagined her, asking why. Belle takes Rumple to a cliff at the edge of Neverland, and tells him he’s holding back when she asks why he brought her here through imagination. He finally admits that he’s a coward, like his father. He then realizes that he brought Belle here because she always saw the good in him; she states she still does. Rumple reveals Pan’s deal to Belle, worried that he’d make the wrong choice, so she convinces him not to, knowing he’d regret it, like he did with Baelfire. She gives him the doll, which his father gave him, and tells him to let go of the past. Belle’s vision then leaves Rumple, just before he drops the doll into the deadly sea. ("Lost Girl")

Belle 304
The vision of Belle questions Rumple's next plan of action. ("Nasty Habits")

As Rumple puts paint over his face, the vision of Belle returns and she tells him he always felt more comfortable behind a mask. Rumple says she was the only one who could see past the mask of the monster. She wonders why he's putting it back on now, so he explains that he needs the monster to save Henry. Belle reminds Rumple of the prophecy, so Rumple takes this to mean she doesn't believe he can do it. She explains that a lifetime of self interest is a nasty habit he hasn't been able to break. He tells Belle that things are different now; he has nothing to live for, however, Belle asks about her as she's waiting in Storybrooke. Rumple tells her she shouldn't be, as when he said goodbye, it was for good. He then tells her even if he did return, she'd leave after she eventually sees him for what he really is. After Rumple is reunited with Bae and the loses him again, Belle apologizes to him, stating that Neal should have trusted him. Rumple asks how he could have after everything he's done. Belle assures Rumple that Neal may not have known what was in his heart, but she does. She asks why he's so upset as Bae is alive, so he explains that the prophecy remains and Henry is still his undoing. Belle points out that with something to live for, his nasty habit has returned. However, Rumple ignores this and then tells Belle to go away, causing the vision to vanish. ("Nasty Habits")

Belle 306
Regina destroys Rumple's fantasy. ("Ariel")

The vision of Belle again appears to Rumple, and realizes that he doesn't know what to do. He admits that he doesn't, and so she advises him to come home to Storybrooke, something which he seems reluctant to do as it would mean leaving Henry, his family, behind. Belle continues to beg him to come with her so that the two of them may start a new family, their own family, as that's what she wants. Gold, confused, tells her that she can't want anything as she is a mere figment of his subconscious, but she assures him that she's really there, requesting that he take her hand, believe in their love, and then they can go back home. However, when Rumple eventually decides to take Belle's hand, the girl begins to choke before he can do so. The source of this is revealed to be Regina, who is strangling Belle with magic. Rumple, scared for his true love's life, tries to get her to stop, but Regina is astounded that the Dark One is falling for such an obvious trick. As she continues to choke Belle, she advises Rumple to look at who he's really dealing with, and with that, the vision of Belle reveals itself to be Peter Pan's shadow in disguise, which then rises up and flies away. ("Ariel")

Belle 307 02
Belle finds Pandora's Box. ("Dark Hollow")

Rumple and Regina give Ariel a briefing on what she must do once in Storybrooke and Rumple gives her a shell, instructing her to give it to Belle as she'll know what to do with it. Ariel travels to Storybrooke and is met by the dwarfs. They take her to Belle, who is upset about Rumple's fate. Ariel brings news that he's alive and then gives her the shell. They later visit Rumple's shop together in order to figure out what it is. They soon find out that the shell projects a message recorded by Rumple and in it, he asks Belle to find an item in his shop. Realizing the chipped cup must be involved, Belle wonders what she could do with it. She puts it in the cabinet it once lived in, and once in place, a magical light appears, unlocking a hidden door. Belle opens the door and takes out a box, surprised at what she's seeing. Ariel wonders what it is, so Belle explains that it's Pandora's Box. However, before they can leave, the two unwelcome visitors arrive with guns and tie the two girls up. They take the box off them and leave to destroy it, so it can't be used against Pan. The girls manage to escape their binds by turning Ariel into a mermaid again, and once free, they head to the mines and stop the men from destroying the item. They become upset and state they were only trying to save their sister, whom Pan has prisoner. Their sister is Wendy Darling. Later on, Ariel swims back to Neverland to deliver Pandora's Box, and in return, she is given full control over her legs and tail. She then heads back to Storybrooke. ("Dark Hollow")

Belle 310
Belle reunites with her true love. ("The New Neverland")

Belle accompanies Ariel to the docks so she can find her true love, Eric. They discover Eric working as a fishmonger and Belle gives Ariel the confidence to go up to him. The two reunite romantically. As this happens, Belle notices the Jolly Roger in the sky, returning to Storybrooke having successfully saved Henry... or so they think, as Pan has switched bodies with Henry secretly. After the ship lands and a welcome back party has gathered, Belle reunites with her friends and lover, Rumplestiltskin. Later on, Belle assures Rumple that neither Pan nor Henry were his undoing so he can stop worrying and move on with his life, adding that there are countless paths to take. Rumple says the only path he's interested in is the one that involves her. After the Blue Fairy is murdered by the Shadow, Pandora's Box is opened to question Pan inside... but it's revealed that Henry is in Pan's body. Knowing Regina is in danger, they head over to her vault where she's protecting "Henry". When the group, including Belle, arrives, they discover that the Dark Curse has been stolen and realize Pan plans on re-enacting it. ("The New Neverland")

Belle 311
Belle mourns the loss of Rumple. ("Going Home")

A plan is formed to get Henry and Pan back into their own bodies so that the former can give Regina - the original caster of the Dark Curse - the scroll that Pan currently possesses so she can tear it and undo the original curse before Pan's new one can take full effect. Belle heads to Gold's shop with her true love whilst the Black Fairy's wand is retrieved. Once this task is complete, Rumple uses the magically powerful object to undo Pan's spell and put Henry back into his own body. As everyone sets out to find the boy, who's now in possession of the scroll, Belle notices that Gold isn't joining them and questions him about it, at which he tells her that he has some unfinished business with his father. Belle and the others soon find Henry, who hands over the scroll, but it's not long before it's stolen by Pan, who uses his magic to freeze everyone on Main Street. He plans on killing Belle and Baelfire, as they are the two his son loves most, but before he can do so, Rumple exits his shop, now powerless due to the anti-magic leather cuff on his wrist, and approaches his father. He says goodbye to his son and true love, telling the latter that she made him stronger, and Belle begins to tear up as Rumple summons his shadow and reunites with his magical dagger, using it to stab Pan in the back. This then causes Pan to turn into his former adult self, Malcolm, who assures Rumple that the two of them can still be happy. However, Rumple replies by saying that he's a villain, and villains don't get happy endings. A magical glow then ensues from the stab wound, consuming them both, and soon enough, there is nothing left but the curse scroll, both of them now dead. Due to this, Pan's immobilization spell breaks and allows Belle to collapse to the floor in tears, utterly devastated over losing Rumple. But with he curse fast approaching, there's no time to mourn, and after Regina sacrifices Henry, the one she loves most, she is able to tear the scroll and use its magic to send everyone back to their home in the Enchanted Forest. Meanwhile, Emma leaves town with her son, the two of them being given new memories due to Storybrooke being totally erased. ("Going Home")

Before the Second Curse

I heard you talking to David about Rumple. You know, we never saw his knife... I think we can get him back.
Belle 312
Belle reunites with an old friend. ("New York City Serenade")

Belle returns to the Enchanted Forest along with every other resident of Storybrooke and she begins to trek to Regina's palace when it's decided by the Charmings that that's where the reformed kingdom shall be run from. On the way there, she approaches Baelfire and reveals she heard something he said about wanting to return to Rumple's home and see if there's any magic that will be able to get him back to Emma and Henry. She proceeds to point out that they never saw Rumple's knife when he died, meaning there's a chance he's still out there somewhere and that they could get him back. As the journey goes on, Regina and Snow are attacked by a flying monkey but rescued by Robin Hood, who joins the others and reunites with Belle, telling Baelfire that she once treated a thief with more kindness than he deserved; Neal comments that she does that a lot. They finally arrive at the palace but are surprised to discover that it's enclosed by a protection spell - one that isn't Regina's - meaning someone else has taken up residence inside. ("New York City Serenade")

Belle 313
Belle talks about Oz. ("Witch Hunt")

Belle is present when a flying monkey attacks and she identifies the creature's origin as Oz, having read about such things in her books. Most people are surprised to find out that this place is real, but Regina assures them that Belle is right, meaning that they're up against the Wicked Witch of the West. Regina and Robin Hood break into the castle by going through a series of secret tunnels that run beneath the protection spell. They manage to get inside and disarm the spell entirely, and when everyone outside sees this, Charming orders them to storm the palace. Belle goes with everyone else, and as this is happening, Regina confronts the Wicked Witch, known as Zelena, who flies away on her broomstick after a hostile confrontation, during witch she revealed herself as Regina's half-sister. ("Witch Hunt")

Queen Regina 314
Belle is present. ("The Tower")

Whilst living at the Dark Palace, Snow announces to Charming that she's pregnant, but this makes the prince scared because of what happened with Emma, thinking he won't be a good father because he never got to raise his daughter properly. To vanquish these fears, he heads into the woods in search of night-root - a plant that, if digested, will eradicate all fears - but instead finds a princess named Rapunzel locked in a tower. He rescues her and brings her back to the palace, where she's finally reunited with her parents. Belle witnesses this event, along with everyone else in the hall at the time, and appears gladdened when Rapunzel hugs the King and Queen. ("The Tower")

Belle 315
Belle witnesses Rumplestiltskin's resurrection. ("Quiet Minds")

Belle and Neal head to Rumple's old castle together in order to find a way to resurrect the Dark One, and Belle thinks the way to go about this is to inspect the rather extensive library, for there could be books on the subject. They light a candle to help them see better, but to their surprise, the candlestick begins talking. Suddenly, a face forms out of the fire, and the mysterious being introduces itself as Lumière, explaining that he was trapped in this form by Rumplestiltskin when he was unable to uphold his end of a deal and can only come out when his candles are lit. He helps the pair of them, when they say Rumple will be able to reverse what was done to him, by showing them a large book in which a key is kept: the key to the Vault of the Dark One, where the very first Dark One was made. They find this vault within a snowy clearing and light up Lumière once they do. When they dare to question his knowledge, he argues that he's been kept up in that library for over two hundred years, despite Belle knowing that it was built not long before Regina's curse was cast. This leads the candelabra to admit that the Wicked Witch was in fact the one to imprison him so that Neal and Belle would resurrect Rumple and she would be able to control him, but Neal simply takes this to mean that it can be done, despite Belle protesting that it must be the wrong thing to do. Deciding that the cost is worth it, Neal places the key into the center of the vault and burns his hand as he does so, causing it to open and for Rumple to form from the inky blackness. Suddenly, Neal collapses and the Wicked Witch arrives on the scene, explaining to them that a life must be exchanged in order for Rumple's to be saved, ergo Neal is dying so that his father may live. Rumple tries his best to save his son, but the Witch points out that he can't keep Baelfire as well as his dagger, and so he hands over the latter, allowing himself to absorb his son and keep him sustained within his own body. However, two minds in one head drives Rumplestiltskin to insanity. Zelena, now in possession of Rumple's dagger, orders him to kill Belle, but Lumière has a flash of conscience and uses a tendril of fire to ensnare the witch, giving Belle enough time to grab him and run away, deeply saddened. ("Quiet Minds")

Belle 319
Belle returns, with big news. ("A Curious Thing")

Hidden beneath a hooded cloak on horseback, Belle stealthily returns to the royal palace where she tells Snow and the others that Rumple has been resurrected, but Neal had to sacrifice his own life in order to achieve such a feat, and now Zelena holds the dagger, meaning she controls the Dark One. Eight months later, Belle sits on the royal council as it's decided what's to be done about the threat Zelena poses to Snow's unborn child, and everyone agrees that they must talk to Rumplestiltskin, who remains a prisoner in his own castle. Belle tags along, and when Rumple is found spinning at the wheel within a small cage, it is realized that he's been driven completely insane. Thinking she'll be able to get through to him, Belle approaches the cage and holds her true love's hand through it, begging to know how to defeat the Wicked Witch, and Rumple reveals that they need to find Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, who specializes in light magic. With Rumple's information, Snow, Charming and Regina are able to find Glinda, however, they discover that only the light magic that resides within Emma Swan is powerful enough to defeat Zelena. To get back to her, they re-enact the Dark Curse to return everyone back to Storybrooke, but Zelena drops a forgetting potion into the mixture which means that no one will remember the entire year spent back in the Enchanted Forest. ("A Curious Thing")

After the Second Curse

Season 3

But that monster's gone. The man beneath him may be flawed... but we all are, and I love you for it. Sometimes, the best book has the dustiest jacket... and sometimes... the best teacup... is chipped.
Belle SB 313
Belle asks a pressing question. ("Witch Hunt")

Belle returns to Storybrooke, Maine after the new curse is cast, meaning she nor any other townspeople remember the last year of their lives spent back int he Enchanted Forest, including who cast the curse. She is among those that gather at town hall after Emma's return to the town and the blonde tries to convince everyone that she will get to the bottom of things. Belle stands up and asks her if she knows who cursed them or why they were brought back there, but Emma answers negatively, leading Grumpy to accuse Regina. The Queen becomes very angry and causes an earthquake with her magic, before she teleports out. This seals everyone's suspicion that she is responsible, but this was in fact a plan hatched by her and Emma to buy them more time to catch the real culprit. They fail at doing so, but manage to deduce that the Wicked Witch is who they're up against, not knowing what she looks like or who she is in Storybrooke. ("Witch Hunt")

Belle 314
Belle serves a customer. ("The Tower")

Zelena enters Mr. Gold's shop and is met by Belle, who she assumes to be Mrs. Gold. However, she says this isn't so, and when Zelena proceeds to ask where Mr. Gold is, Belle awkwardly reveals that he's dead, before introducing herself. Zelena soon reveals that she's looking for a gift for Mary Margaret, explaining that she's her midwife and she wants to get her a present for their first meeting, adding that, curse or no curse, a girl's got to work. Knowing Mary Margaret, Belle assures her customer that she has just the thing, turning around to go and search for the item. Once she does so, however, Zelena freezes her with magic, being the Wicked Witch of the West in disguise. She then uses the blood of Rumplestiltskin, who she's keeping prisoner, to open his blood-locked safe and steal night-root, which she later uses on David Nolan. ("The Tower")

Belle SB 315
Belle learns that Rumple is alive. ("Quiet Minds")

Belle is paid a visit to in Gold's shop by Emma, David, Mary Margaret and Hook, who reveal that Rumple is in fact alive and ask her to do some research whilst he is being searched for. She agrees, having Hook assigned as her helper, and as they are rummaging through books together, Neal bursts into the shop and collapses. Belle takes him to the hospital where Emma notices a strange symbol burned into his hand, taking a picture of it and sending it to Belle, asking that she do a little more research. She agrees, and a while later, she calls Emma with urgent news, explaining that the symbol on Neal's hand comes from the key to the Vault of the Dark One, and if Neal used that to resurrect Rumple, he should be dead right now. At that point, Neal collapses, and it's revealed that he and his father have been sharing a body. Emma separates the two of them with her magic so that Gold can tell her who the Wicked Witch is, but this begins draining Neal's life. He dies, much to his father's and Emma's dismay, and soon enough, Snow and Charming show up in the pawn shop in order to break the news to Hook and Belle. The latter is in need of comforting and begins crying as Mary Margaret gives her a consoling hug. ("Quiet Minds")

Belle 316
Belle tries in vain to free Rumple. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Belle attends the funeral of Neal Cassidy, incredibly saddened by his sudden death, and she proceeds to the wake at Granny's Diner afterwards. Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West, soon bursts in, revealing herself to be Regina's half-sister and she challenges the Evil Queen to a fight that night on Main Street, before leaving. Knowing that Regina doesn't stand a chance whilst Zelena has the dagger that controls Rumplestiltskin, Emma hatches a plan to free Mr. Gold. She heads to Zelena's farmhouse to make sure the coast is clear before allowing Belle to run down into the storm cellar where Rumple is being kept in a cage. She manages to unlock it, but Rumple tells her to leave, worried for her safety. She argues that he could never hurt her, but he says that that's futile, begging her to go. Zelena soon reveals herself to be in the room and Belle runs out, crying, telling the others that the Wicked Witch is toying with them. Rumple then comes out of the cellar, under Zelena's control, and tells everyone that if they get in the way of her chance to destroy Regina again, they will all die. That night, the fight takes place, and Belle is in attendance. She witnesses Regina be flung through the face of the clock tower where Zelena tries in vain to take her heart. Knowing that the witch already has David's courage, and now wants her heart, Regina realizes that she's gathering ingredients for something bad. ("It's Not Easy Being Green")

Belle 317
Belle reunites with a friend. ("The Jolly Roger")

Belle is at Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer when Ariel and Hook stop by, currently searching for Prince Eric and thinking they might be able to find one of his possessions in the pawn shop on which they can use a locator spell to track him. Belle is happy to be reunited with her mermaid chum, and begins to help her search for something of Eric's whilst Hook wanders into the back room, inadvertently finding a cloak that once belonged to the prince. Ariel recognizes it immediately when she finds the pirate inspecting it and thanks him for advancing the search. Belle then fetches one of Rumple's locator spell potions and pours it on the cloak, explaining the spell's effects to Ariel. Ariel thanks Belle for helping her, assuring her that she didn't have to, but Belle assures her in turn that she did, hoping that, if Eric is found, the good news could be contagious. Before long, the cloak is lifted into the air and flies out the door, moving towards its owner. Ariel and Hook follow it, but it leads under the sea, and they deduce that he must have drowned. However, it's soon unveiled that Ariel isn't Ariel at all, but Zelena in disguise, whereas the real Ariel has been living happily ever after with Prince Eric on an island in the Enchanted Forest, which was outside the new curse's proximity. ("The Jolly Roger")

Belle 318
Regina apologizes for all she's done to Belle. ("Bleeding Through")

Belle is shocked and angry to find Regina rummaging through the items in Mr. Gold's shop and the Evil Queen explains that Zelena has stolen her heart and she needs to know what she plans on using it for, if not killing her. Belle refuses to help, reminding Regina of all the pain she's put her through such as locking her up in a tower and then again in an asylum for twenty-eight years, but the Queen apologizes for her wrongdoings, going on to point out that Rumple will be freed if Zelena is defeated. Belle decides to give her a second chance, and Regina requests the magic candle that was used to kill her mother so that she may hold a séance and learn more about her half-sister's past. Whilst this is occurring, Belle hits the books and, knowing what ingredients the Wicked Witch possesses, she stumbles across what Zelena's ultimate endgame is. She quickly rushes to Granny's Diner to alert Emma that Zelena plans on going back in time, and they then rush to Regina's house to explain this to Mary Margaret and the Mayor. It is realized that the missing ingredient is Snow's unborn child and that the reason Zelena wants to go back in time is to kill Queen Eva, Snow's mother, who is responsible for her being given away, thus making it so Snow, Emma, Henry and Regina were never born. ("Bleeding Through")

Belle 320
Belle accepts Rumple's marriage proposal. ("Kansas")

With Mary Margaret now in labor with her son, multiple townspeople, including Belle, head to the hospital in order to secure the premises against the Wicked Witch. However, as the baby is born, Zelena enters easily, with Rumple not far behind her. When she sees her coming, Belle stands up to the witch, despite Rumple warning her against it. Belle tells Zelena that she's punished Rumple enough, but Zelena replies that she's not nearly finished, before using her magic to knock Belle out. Rumple lowers her to the ground but is unable to help her because the witch makes him follow her, succeeding in stealing the baby. After Zelena is defeated and locked by Regina, the Queen gives Belle Rumple's dagger because she's the only one who can be trusted not to abuse its power. Belle returns to the shop, where Gold is waiting, and the two of them joyously reunite. She gives him his dagger, which he states has now become a symbol of trust, going on to offer it to her as a marriage proposal. Belle accepts, taking the dagger and kissing her new fiancé after making him promise not to claim vengeance on Zelena, believing him to be better than that. However, it's revealed that Rumple actually gave Belle a fake dagger and kept the real one for himself, which he uses to stab the Wicked Witch, killing her. The magic from Zelena's stolen pendant then leaks across town, activating her previously failed time travel spell and opening a portal to the past. ("Kansas")

Belle 321
Belle meets and greets Rumple's guests from the future. ("Snow Drifts")

Belle becomes paranoid carrying Rumple's dagger wherever she goes, not knowing it's a fake, but Rumple assures her that she's perfectly safe, reminding her that it's a symbol of their trust for one another and urging her to focus her thoughts on the forthcoming wedding. They then attend the coronation at Granny's Diner together but the whole town becomes distracted when it's seen that Zelena's time portal has opened. Belle heads to the sheriff's station with a group of other people to find out what happened, but Rumple alters the CCTV footage with his magic to make it look as though Zelena killed herself, which is then what activated the portal. Hook and Emma then inadvertently fall down said portal and end up in the Enchanted Forest of the past, and go to Rumplestiltskin to see if he can help get them back to the future. When in his Dark Castle, Belle walks in to ask her master if there's any more cleaning to be done, and Emma is awed to see a past version of her. Belle, not having realized Rumple had company, asks the blonde if they know each other, but Rumple interrupts, telling his maid to go read a book, or whatever it is she does, and come back later for instructions. She points out that he could talk to her more politely, and he points out in turn that he could turn her into a toad; she leaves, and Emma remarks that it's hard to believe that the two of them fall for each other. Rumple remains skeptical when this prediction is made. ("Snow Drifts")

Belle 322
Belle marries Rumplestiltskin. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Emma and Hook manage to return to Storybrooke in the present day and make it back to the coronation, where it's announced that Snow and Charming's baby is called Prince Neal. That night, Belle dresses for her wedding and is given away by her father, Maurice, who she's decided to forgive for what he's done in the past. Rumple stands by the well with Archie, who's been ordained as a minister, and the conscience goes on to officiate the ceremony once the bride is given away. They make their vows to one another; Belle says that, where it may seem she's spent her life losing Rumple, she's actually spent her life finding him, whilst he says that, when they met, he was unloved and unloving, but she managed to change that. He wonders why she continues to love him, and she finishes by saying that, sometimes, the best books have the dustiest jackets, and sometimes, the best cups are chipped. The two of them kiss, thus officially making them husband and wife. ("There's No Place Like Home")

Season 4

Deep down, you know what kind of beast you're dealing with.
Belle 401
A tale as old as time. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Following the wedding, Belle makes plans for her and Rumple's honeymoon. While on their way, they stop by Neal's grave site. Belle leaves Rumple alone to speak with his recently departed son, who he confesses to switching out the dagger. Gold tells his son that he wants to make things right, however, and switch them back, truly giving Belle control over the Dark One. The couple soon arrive at a vacant mansion, which hasn't been claimed since the Storybrooke residents returned from the Enchanted Forest. Belle reveals that she wishes to use the abandoned home as their honeymoon suite. As she goes on about the scenic ocean view and such, Rumple magically freezes her in place so he can switch out the fake dagger with the real one. After unfreezing her, Belle leads Rumple into a huge ballroom in order to have their first dance as husband and wife. Gold transforms their clothes, adds lighting, and a playing gramophone as they waltz. Later on, after Belle has fallen asleep, Rumple borrows the real dagger and moves it in a circular motion over the cylinder object. The device manifests into a hat and gives off a purplish-pink glow at its core. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Belle 402
Belle is present, still. ("White Out")

Elsa, the Ice Queen, decides that no one is leaving town until she finds her sister, Anna, and so she erects an ice wall around the perimeter of Storybrooke in order to stop people from being able to escape. Events transpire and Emma becomes trapped in an ice cave with Elsa, slowly freezing to death. Charming and Hook decide to pay a little visit to Mr. Gold, who's standing behind the counter of his shop with Belle, because they know that this is where Elsa stole Anna's necklace from and they think he might be able to help. They wonder if he would be able to melt the ice wall, but he retorts that he wouldn't be able to do so without killing Emma. When David sees the necklace's inventory photograph, he recognizes it and has the idea to visit Bo Peep and steal her magical crook, going on to use it to confirm that Anna is alive after he goads Elsa into melting the ice herself. It soon becomes evident that someone with Elsa's powers is keeping the ice wall up, for Elsa herself is unable to melt it. ("White Out")

403 03
Belle uses the dagger to command the Dark One. ("Rocky Road")

Emma and Hook stop by Mr. Gold Pawnbroker & Antiquities Dealer with Elsa in order to question Gold of any knowledge he has of the Ice Queen. Gold swears he has never seen Elsa before, but Emma reminds him that they found her urn in his vault back in the Enchanted Forest. Gold tells Emma that if she wants to know how Elsa ended up there then to ask her herself. Elsa doesn't remember, however, having lost some of her memories. Gold finally tells the trio if they need proof he is not lying, then he'll have Belle use the dagger to command the truth. They accept this, but Belle refuses, telling her new husband that he doesn't have to do this. "No, no, Ms. Swan wants proof, and I'm happy to cooperate," Gold insists. Belle uses the dagger, commanding the truth. Gold professes, once more, that he did not know Elsa was trapped inside the urn, and that he doesn't know her or Anna; this satisfies Emma's doubts. However, Hook later returns to the pawnshop, confronting Gold, knowing that Belle has a fake dagger. He threatens to tell Belle the truth if the Dark One does not agree to help Elsa find the true culprit who cursed Marian. Gold finally cooperates, restoring a strand of Marian's hair to its original magical form - snowflakes - sending Hook and Elsa on their way to find the Snow Queen. ("Rocky Road")

Belle 404
Belle calls the sheriff. ("The Apprentice")

Wanting to make his first date with Emma as perfect as he possibly can, Hook makes another deal with Gold: the Dark One will reattach the pirate's cut off hand in exchange for his silence about Gold giving Belle a fake dagger. The Dark One begrudgingly agrees to these terms, but warns Hook ahead of time that this hand is who he once was, not who he is now. The pirate thinks Rumple is lying, however, and goes out on his date. The couple soon run into Will Scarlet, who manages to get away. Later in the night, when walking home from Emma's apartment, Hook runs into a drunken Will who tries breaking into Belle's library. Hook uncontrollably punches him in the face, but once realizing what he has done, he makes Will promise to never speak of this, and leaves. The following morning, Belle returns to her library where she finds a passed out Will. She calls Emma, who promptly arrests the thief. Later at the station, she confronts him about a book, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and a drawing of the Red Queen she found on him. Will lies, claiming that they don't mean anything. ("The Apprentice")

405 06
Belle babysits Prince Neal. ("Breaking Glass")

Belle cradles and comforts baby Neal in her arms over at Mary Margaret's apartment as she and David watch. David points out that Belle's a natural and reminds his wife that she has all the emergency numbers so, if anything happens, Neal will be okay. Mary Margaret argues that she's not worried about emergency numbers; she's worried about leaving him at all, pointing out that, between the Dark Curse and the Wicked Witch, they don't exactly have the best track record with their babies. As Belle continues smiling down at the littlest Charming, David assures his wife that their child will be fine, adding that they need this time away, especially her. "So what do you say? You ready for our evening stroll?" he asks, and the nervous mother nods hesitantly. ("Breaking Glass")

Belle 406
Belle refuses to accept the truth. ("Family Business")

Belle and Gold are summoned to the sheriff's station with everyone else where they learn that Emma, despite having no memories of such a thing, used to be the Snow Queen's foster daughter. When they all search the woods, Belle and Elsa stay behind and do research at the library instead. Once making sure Elsa doesn't give up hope of finding Anna, Belle returns to the pawn shop were she begs Rumple to accompany her to the Snow Queen's lair as she believes her to possess a hat that can steal magic from sorcerers - unaware that Rumple himself possesses it. When he refuses, she uses her fake dagger to try and control him, and Gold pretends to be under her thrall as he leads her to the lair and gets told to keep watch outside. Belle is taunted by her own reflection in the Snow Queen's evil mirror and it tells her that the dagger is a fake, which she begins to believe when Rumple comes running inside in spite of her orders. Once he's teleported them both back to the shop, he points out that she told him to keep watch, not stay outside, and explains that he heard the Snow Queen coming, so they had to leave. She apologizes for having doubted him and goes on to admit that she knows Anna and was in fact the reason why the Snow Queen captured her so long ago. As Belle admits this to the others, Gold pays the Snow Queen a visit and reveals that he's in possession of the sorcerer's hat, meaning that he has leverage over her. ("Family Business")

Belle 407
Belle joins the main group for once. ("The Snow Queen")

Belle's research finally pays off when she finds a spell that can help Emma capture the Snow Queen. When Emma does so, she brings Ingrid to the station for questioning, whereas Belle hurries to the clock tower where she warns David, Hook, and Elsa, who are studying the mirror previously placed by the Snow Queen, to not look into its reflection or it will brainwash them. However, when examining it closer, Belle realizes it is not the same mirror she saw in the Snow Queen's lair. Realizing they've been duped, the group head to the police station, but are too late as it has been frozen shut by Ingrid. They soon make their way to the pawn shop to request Rumple's assistance, who only agrees when not wanting to say no to his wife. The group, who are joined by Mary Margaret and Henry, rush back to the station as an explosion tears a hole in the building. Emma, whose powers are going out of control, exclaims that the Snow Queen got away, but she herself caused the damage of the station. Her powers continue to take over, causing her to injure David. When realizing what she has done, the savior flees, driving off in her car. Meanwhile, a freed Ingrid meets up with Rumple back at his shop. They make a deal to where she can help the Dark One cleave the dagger's control over him for good and make it so he can leave Storybrooke for good and retain his power and his wife (in short, have what every villain wants: everything), in exchange for the three ribbons she and her sisters once traded him. Rumple agrees to these terms, and Ingrid whispers the information into his ear. ("The Snow Queen")

Belle 409
Belle is sealed inside the pawn shop as the Spell of Shattered Sight nears. ("Fall")

As the Spell of Shattered Sight nears, Rumple meets up with the Snow Queen, agreeing to stay out of her way permanently so long as he can leave Storybrooke with Belle and Henry. She allows him this, and thus he moves forward with his own plans. Meanwhile, Emma and Elsa learn from Belle that they could defeat the Snow Queen's impending curse with a strand of hair from someone who has been affected by the same spell once before, and use it to make a counter spell, thus leading the two blondes on a search to find Anna. Belle later joins the Blue Fairy and the other nuns at Granny's Diner to help create the counter spell whist Emma and Elsa use a locator spell to find Anna. However, Rumple, with Hook's reluctant assistance, plots to trap all of the fairies in the hat, obtaining their magic. Before he can do so though, he must get Belle out of the diner, so he stops by, asking for help at the pawn shop. She insists on staying, however, since the counter spell is very important, and he relents by deciding to keep her company until the business is finished. She later calls David, letting him know that the fairies can perform the counter spell with just the necklace. Elsa, determined to find her sister, dupes them by handing over a pouch full of rocks and takes the real necklace to continue tracking Anna, which she is successful in. Belle leaves the fairies to the spell, but once exiting the diner, it is unknown to her that Hook uses the hat to trap them all inside. Back at the pawn shop, Rumple seals Belle inside in order to protect her from others when the curse hits, which it soon does. ("Fall")

Belle 410
Belle gets her beauty sleep. ("Shattered Sight")

The Spell of Shattered Sight has been enacted, and everyone's darkest sides begin surfacing. The townspeople begin tearing each other apart, as Emma, Elsa, and Anna go after the Snow Queen to defeat her once and for all. Meanwhile, Rumple continues getting ready to leave town. He sends Hook out to gather Henry and bring him to the town line that evening where he will bring Belle and the three will leave as a family. When being accused of being a villain, the Dark One tells the pirate that he intends on wiping away Belle and Henry's memories of this day, and when they wake up the following morning in New York, he will lie, saying that the curse destroyed Storybrooke and he tried to save as many people possible, making him appear to be a hero. Ingrid's curse is soon deactivated, however, when Anna shows her Gerda's letter written before the ship sunk. The Snow Queen sacrifices herself to save the townspeople and make her "sisters" happy. Once all is well again, Rumple is seen back at the pawn shop, watching a sleeping Belle. Hook joins him where he tells the pirate that Ingrid's plan may have failed, but his won't. ("Shattered Sight")

Gold 411
Beauty says farewell to the beast at long last. ("Heroes and Villains")

Belle awakens the following morning to breakfast in bed, glad to see the Spell of Shattered Sight didn't destroy the town. Rumple reveals that he intends on taking her out of town on a honeymoon to New York, while in reality he plans on leaving the town with her and never returning, giving her the gift she's always wanted - to see the world. Belle is thrilled by the news and is told to get her bags packed. Later on, she is visited by Henry at the pawn shop who has begun referring to her as "grandma", something Belle quickly puts an end to. When asked to help look for another suitcase, Henry accidentally knocks over a bunch of the Dark One's possessions, one being the gauntlet, an item Belle thought was given up long ago. Meanwhile, Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff prepare to leave for Arendelle after receiving help from Rumple to find a portal home. It isn't till just before they're leaving that Anna learns it is none other than the Dark One who has been helping them, and she reveals of their history. Emma, remembering Rumple claiming to have never even heard of the royal ginger, realizes that the sorcerer has been playing them the whole time, and she, along with the others head for the clock tower where they catch Rumple as he is performing the spell to cleave him from the dagger. Before he can succeed, however, Belle stops him by taking control over the real dagger. She commands him to transport them to the town line where they can have a chat alone. There, she confronts him about finding the gauntlet and how it made her realize all the signs she had been seeing were correct - he would never give up power for her, he never has and he never will. Rumple tries to explain himself, but Belle won't hear of it, instead she continues with how he once told her the gauntlet could lead to someone's weaknesses, and that's exactly what it did, leading her to the real dagger. She exclaims that his real true love is his power. Rumple tries to argue this, but Belle won't hear much more of it. She then uses the dagger, commanding him to cross the town line, thus making it impossible for him to ever re-enter Storybrooke, leaving him utterly heartbroken. ("Heroes and Villains")

Belle 412
Belle recounts how Rumple stole both her and Hook's hearts. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Six weeks have passed, and everyone starts getting use to everything being normal in Storybrooke. At the town's library, Belle and Hook have spent their time doing countless research on how to release the fairies Rumple had imprisoned in the Sorcerer's hat. The pirate starts to grow frustrated since it's been taking so long, Belle assures her new friend that they have to do a spell to release the fairies, as well as the apprentice, but first she must consult with outsiders, via email, to translate it. The two then discuss their regrets about letting the Dark One trick them both, using Belle's love for him, and Hook's love for Emma as a weapon. Despite all of this, however, Hook states that Rumple did in-fact love her. As her eyes start filling with tears, Belle remarks that she hopes he found what he was looking for. She later receives an email from what she thinks is an Oxford professor, but is actually Rumple, who gives her the spell translation, and she immediately gives it to Emma and Regina; the latter then uses the dagger to perform the spell on the hat, thus freeing all the fairies, but what they don't all notice, however, is that the Chernabog is released as well. A celebration is then held at Granny's Diner to celebrate the fairies return, which Belle attends, and there the Chernabog makes itself known to the townspeople. Once it's stunned by Emma and Regina, Belle heads back to the library to do research on the creature, but eventually, with knowledge from Ursula and Cruella De Vil, the creature is led across the town line where it fades out of existence, and the two new town residents also allow Rumple passage back in, unbeknownst to everyone else. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

Belle 413
Belle embraces her new lover. ("Unforgiven")

Having heard of Ursula and Cruella's arrival in town, Belle has a transformation potion prepared, which she threatens to use on the two women the moment they enter the pawn shop, stating if they try anything then they'll be "hopping out as toads." As they give congratulations about banishing Rumplestiltskin, they drop hints about his sad circumstances in New York, and tease her about whether she is satisfied with her true love's suffering. As Belle states she'd never be pleased with someone else's misery, Ursula uses her tentacle to reach into the back room, without the shopkeeper noticing, and steal a wooden box containing Maleficent's totem. Belle finally questions if they're going to actually buy anything, or if they came to just be cruel, so Cruella asks her to find something fashionable to adorn her car hood. The two women soon leave, and once receiving a call from Emma and David regarding Ursula and Cruella's suspicious behavior, she checks and realizes the wooden box is missing. That night, Rumple secretly watches Belle working in the pawn shop. However, he becomes heartbroken by the site of seeing her embraced with a kiss by her lover: Will Scarlet. ("Unforgiven")

Belle 414
Belle continues to be manipulated for her husband's own selfish desires. ("Enter the Dragon")

After finding a drawing with a post-it note reading "Author?" on it amongst August's belongings, Henry examines it at the pawn shop, where he discusses with Belle that he believes there to be more clues around the shop. Later on at Granny's Diner, Belle has a meal with her new beau, Will Scarlet, where she exclaims he must try the cake. Hook then joins them, and he and Will immediately get off on the wrong foot, presumably due to their previous encounters. Hook asks to speak with Belle alone for a moment where he discusses the Queens of Darkness possibly trying to go after the dagger so they have power over Rumplestiltskin. Belle states she has it hidden away, but Hook suggests they meet up and hide it elsewhere, as the trio of villainesses may have learned a bit about where she could have put it. During the night, the two meet in the woods, but before handing the dagger over, Belle worries Rumple may have gotten back into town, and if so then the dagger is her only protection. Hook suggests she use it and command the Dark One to come to her since if he's in town he'll be forced to obey. She does so, but nothing happens. She proceeds to hand Hook the dagger and leaves, but once gone, it becomes apparent Rumple was disguised as Hook all along. He later turns back into Hook and visits Belle at the pawn shop where he makes her promise to never speak of this encounter to anyone or each other again, which she does. He then questions her new relationship with Will, and once learning she is currently happy with him, he leaves, heartbroken once more. ("Enter the Dragon")

Belle 415
Belle realizes she's been bested by Rumple... again. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul")

With Regina infiltrating the Queens of Darkness' plans, she comes to learn that Rumplestiltskin is back in Storybrooke, and leading the three villainesses.  Belle is soon warned at the pawn shop, and Emma asks her to hand the dagger over so they can stop the Dark One before it's too late. However, Belle reveals she gave it to Hook to hide it the night before, only for them to all come to realize Rumple tricked Belle once again by turning into Hook and ultimately regaining his power. This crushes Belle most of all due to the fact that even when she thought her husband could no longer deceive her, he found a way. Later, Hook makes a deal with Ursula that if he's able to return her her happy ending, she will tell him of Rumple's plan. This, however, involves retrieving the Jolly Roger from the Enchanted Forest, which the Sea Witch is able to do, but its now been shrunken and put inside a bottle by Elsa as punishment for Black Beard's crimes. Hook and Ursula stop by the pawn shop where Belle is with Will, and after clarifying to Belle that Will would already be dead if it was Rumple is disguise again, Hook goes to ask Will for helping in resizing his ship. He succeeds, and in the end Ursula gets back her singing voice and reunites with her father, thus getting her happy ending. ("Poor Unfortunate Soul") 

Plotting to steal the storybook page of the door which the Author is hidden behind, Maleficent puts the entire town of Storybrooke under a sleeping curse so she and her allies have no problems with the heroes. Due to being in town at the time, Belle goes unconscious, via the curse's effects. When Regina, who is still undercover, agrees to get the page from Henry, the Dark One, Rumplestiltskin, sends Maleficent and Cruella to follow her and make sure she gets the job done. Meanwhile, Rumple goes to the pawn shop where an unconscious Belle lies on the ground. After picking her up and placing her on a bed, the Dark One tells his sleeping beauty of a true love that, as she well knows, all magic comes with a price, and he is in so much debt that he can never be clear of it - not unless he changes the rules. He goes to say that something else is changing as well, however, so if he is to change the rules then he must do so quickly. Hearing Cruella's car pull up, Rumple kisses Belle on the hand, stating that he will come back for her if he can. He then leaves, rejoining the other villains. ("Best Laid Plans")


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