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The Beanstalk is an enormous plant in the Enchanted Forest that leads to the home of the giants.


Before the Curse

Jack 213
Anton finds friends in humans. ("Tiny")

Anton arrives to dinner with his brothers and a harp falls out of his pocket, Arlo realizes that he's been in the treasury again looking through human artifacts and Abraham crushes the harp, much to Anton's dismay. He then runs away from the dinner table and climbs down the beanstalk, down below, he is approached by Jack and James, the former of which gives him a mushroom from Wonderland which will temporarily shrink him to human-size. Jack and James later convince Anton to give them some treasure. He is next seen gathering up some treasure from his castle when he is approached by Arlo, who realizes he's doing it for the humans. Anton makes clear that the humans are nice and his friends and that he's leaving his brothers to go and live with them. Soon enough, Jack and James arrive at the castle and reveal that they were merely pretending to like Anton in order to get their hands on some magic beans. Anton is told to salt all of the land and destroy the beans in order to stop the humans from taking them and he does so as Jack and James kill his brothers with their poison swords. Arlo kills Jack and James flees the castle with a sack full of treasure, but not after Arlo is stabbed with one of the swords. As he dies, Arlo gives Anton a plant that will be able to grow magic beans, but Anton says that he can no longer grow beans there as he made the soil infertile. Arlo suggests that maybe one day he will find a new land, before dying. From this moment on, Anton swears eternal vengeance on humans. ("Tiny")

After the Curse

Season 2

TBA ("Tallahassee") TBA ("Into the Deep") TBA ("Tiny")

After the Third Curse

Season 6

TBA ("The Final Battle, Part 1") TBA ("The Final Battle, Part 2")