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What do you know about honor?

Bartholomew is a man the Huntsman met whilst at a tavern in "The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter".


Before the Curse

Bartholomew 107
Bartholomew harasses the Huntsman. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

Inside a tavern, the Huntsman and his wolf walk through and sit down, becoming at everyone's eye, "They're letting animals in here now? This isn't a slaughter house.", Bartholomew comments. "Forget him, he might as well be one too, I heard he was raised by him.", says another guy, "He does smell like him.", Bartholomew adds, "Pathetic, I hear he cries over his kills, can you believe that?", Horatio asks. Bartholomew downs his drink and approaches the Huntsman, "Tell me, Huntsman, what kind of man cries over an animal?", he asks, "An honorable one.", the Huntsman tells him, Bartholomew asks him what he knows about honor, "I have it, they have it, you don't.", the Huntsman explains. "Animals have it?", Bartholomew asks, "They're pure of heart, not selfish, and self-serving, like... people", the Huntsman tells him. The wolf growls madly at this, "You tell him to stop threatening me.", Bartholomew says, "Because, do you know what I do to pets who threaten me?", he asks, drawing his sword at the growling wolf, "I hang them on my wall.", he finishes. At this attack, the Huntsman quickly draws his dagger and stabs Bartholomew in the shoulder, he drops to the floor, "He's not a pet.", the Huntsman tells him. Horatio runs at him with a sword but the Huntsman grabs him and smashes his head into a mirror, knocking him unconscious. A third guy approaches the Huntsman with a sword and so he grabs a large shard of the mirror and approaches the guy with it, he backs off. The Huntsman places down the shard and looks at his reflection. ("The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter")

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