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The Bandersnatch is a species native to Wonderland that Alice has had more than one encounter with. Despite being armed with deadly tusks and sharp teeth, the Bandernsatch, which has an appearance similar to a boar, isn't very intelligent and has poor vision, making them easily fooled. The Red Queen and Jafar send one to attack Alice in hopes of making her wish to save herself.


After the Curse

Season 1

OW103 23
The Bandersnatch attacks. ("Forget Me Not")

Jafar and the Red Queen decide to look for the perfect beast to send after Alice in order to make her use a wish. They do this in front of Cyrus in hopes of getting a reaction off of him to indicate the perfect beast. At the mention of the Bandersnatch, Cyrus gives a fain worried look, when in reality he knows they're easy to defeat. The Red Queen and Jafar then go down to the dungeons and give the Bandersnatch Alice's scent, knowing it won't stop until it has her. The Bandersnatch tracks Alice and Will down to the Grendel's house, just as they're about to escape from being his prisoner. The beast breaks inside and knocks the Grendel out. Alice and Will come up with a plan and hide behind the Forget-Me-Knot to create an image of them hiding behind it. The Bandersnatch falls for it and sticks its head into the rope. Alice begins to choke the Bandersnatch but has trouble from stopping it attacking the Grendel. However, it is soon defeated when Will stabs it and it evaporates into the air. Sensing the beast has been defeated, Jafar angrily realizes that he was fooled by Cyrus. ("Forget Me Not")

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