Bald Mountain
Bald Mountain
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Chernabog (formerly)
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Chernabog (formerly)
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Bald Mountain was once the home of the ancient demon, the Chernabog, who guarded the Dark Curse which Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella De Vil obtained for the Dark One.


Before the Curse

Chernabog 412
The Chernabog attacks the Queens of Darkness. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")

After receiving anonymous instruction to come to the Forbidden Fortress, Ursula and Cruella have a stand off with Maleficent, who insists that she did not invite them and warns them to leave. But before things get too heated, Rumplestiltskin reveals himself to be the one who gathered the girls in promise of a happy ending. He tells them of a plan to retrieve the Dark Curse, which requires the three witches special skills. Maleficent and the other two agree, so they head to the location where the curse is kept. After Cruella successfully gets them past the first obstacle, Maleficent takes her turn and absorbs dragon fire that's guarding the curse with her staff. After Ursula grabs the curse, Rumple takes it and leaves the three women to die at the hands of the Chernabog, an ancient demon that guards the curse. Trapped in the room with the demon that seeks the heart with the darkest potential, Maleficent comes up with a plan for the three of them to escape. After realizing she's the one with the darkest potential, Maleficent distracts the Chernabog while Cruella and Ursula escape. She fights off the beast as long as she can, but when she thinks she's been abandoned she gives up. However, Ursula grabs her just in time and takes her to safety. The demon roars with anger as it cannot claim its prey. ("Darkness on the Edge of Town")