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The Arresting Cop is an unnamed officer who arrested Emma for possession of stolen goods in "Tallahassee".


After the Curse

Early Life

206 20
Emma is arrested. ("Tallahassee")

At the parking structure where Emma is supposed to be meeting Neal for the fence, she stands there, checking her stolen watch. Emma takes out her cell phone and wanders a little forward, she tries to call someone but has no signal, "Looks like he set you up. Hands above your head, miss.", a police officer tells Emma, walking towards her with a gun pointed in her direction, Emma obliges, asking him why she needs to do so, "Possession of stolen goods. Left you holding.", the policeman tells her, Emma assures him that she has nothing but the policeman tells her that her boy took off and is probably in Canada by now. "He called in to tip, told us to look at the surveillance footage at the train station, Give me the watch...", he says, looking at Emma's raised wrists, "Now!", he cries, startling Emma. She slowly removes the watch and the policeman lowers his gun, taking out his handcuffs and walking towards Emma, asking her if she knows her rights. Emma says that she does and the policeman takes the watch from her and asks her to turn around, she obliges, being cuffed as she does so. The officer asks her where the rest of the watches are and Emma says, "Gone. They're not coming back.", clearly using the watches as a metaphor for Neal. Emma is taken away. ("Tallahassee")

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