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My lord... what is it?

The armed escort is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. He is an unnamed character and one of the guards who aids Prince Charming and Princess Abigail on their travel through the Enchanted Forest.


Before the Curse

103 01
The Prince's ride with the Princess is interrupted. ("Snow Falls")

In the fairytale land that was, in the forest, a deer is feeding on the side of the road when a carriage is heard drawing nearer. The deer runs away as the horses canter down the road, dragging with them a royal carriages, knights riding them as guards. The Prince is seen sitting in the carriage. "What do you think of the view, my dear?", he asks, and the shot reveals a blonde woman, who says, "It's been better." Princess Abigail, fanning herself, then adds, "This is taking forever, I told you the troll road would've been quicker." They hit another bump in the road. "And far less bumpy.", she finishes. The Prince pulls a leather pouch from his pocket and Abigail asks if he's even listening to her. The cabin stops. "Now what?", Abigail asks, and the Prince steps out of the cabin, leaving the pouch behind. He walks forward and tells his fiancée to worry not, as it's just a fallen tree. The Prince inspects the trunk with the knights. Someone lands upon the carriage. Abigail becomes worried. "My lord... what is it?", a knight asks the Prince, looking at the carriage, "These markings, this tree didn't fall, it's been cut." Charming says, "It's an ambush.", he states. A hand reaches into the carriage and grabs the pouch full of jewels. Abigail screams loudly as she's robbed, but the robber gets away. The Prince begins to chase them, but they grab a horse and ride away, as does he, and he begins to follow her. The two gallop down the road, the Prince gaining on the robber. He rides alongside them and jumps from his horse, grabbing the robber and tackling them off of their horse and to the floor. "Show your face, you coward!", the Prince exclaims, removing the robber's hood and seeing that it's a female, surprising him. "You're a... girl.", he states; "Woman.", Snow White corrects him, before grabbing a rock from the ground and hitting him around the face with it. She stands up and mounts her horse, and begins to gallop away as Charming stands up, shouting "You can't hide from me! Wherever you are, I will find you!". Snow looks back at him briefly before riding onwards. ("Snow Falls"/"The Shepherd"/"Snow Drifts")

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