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Arendelle Royal Gravestones
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The Arendelle Royal Gravestones are a set of gravestones set up in honor of Anna and Elsa's deceased parents, the former Queen and King of Arendelle.


Before the Curse

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Anna and Elsa visit their parents' gravestones. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

In the idyllic kingdom of Arendelle, a couple of gravestones are shown amongst a picturesque scene of grassy hills and meadows; two sisters join hands and approach their parents' final resting place. Anna lays a small bouquet of flowers in front of one, while Elsa lays an identical bouquet in front of the other. They stand there for a while in respectful silence, which Elsa breaks by telling her sister how proud their mother and father of her. Anna assures Arendelle's new Queen that their parents would be proud of both of them, and they exchange gentle smiles. Elsa then tells Anna to come along, for she has a surprise for her, but Anna appears apprehensive, pointing out that surprises tend to be hit-or-miss in their family. "This one you'll like, I promise," Elsa says, the two sisters walking away with their arms linked; she stops to add, "It's for your wedding." Anna gives out an excited smile. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")