Arendelle Docks
Arendelle Docks
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These docks are located by the waters of Arendelle, and are where Anna sets off on a journey to Misthaven.


Before the Curse

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Anna leaves the docks, setting off for Misthaven. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")

Elsa walks angrily towards the fjords as Kristoff chases after her in a hurry, calling the Ice Queen's name and begging that she wait. She watches as the nearest ship sails away, and Kristoff points out that it's too late. Elsa exclaims that she has to go after Anna, but her sister's fiancé thinks otherwise. She asks if he's really saying "no" to his Queen, to which he points out that he's saying "no" to his future sister(-in-law). And for good reason: they both love Anna; they both know her; she will be fine. Elsa frets that she didn't have to do this alone, but Kristoff says that she did, reminding the Queen that she told Anna and she was right - she is the ruler and they all remember what happened the last time she left. She then wonders why Kristoff didn't go with her and he explains that she didn't want him to because she thought he was needed where he is. "For what?" the Ice Queen asks, to which he replies, "She didn't want you to be alone." Elsa is touched by this and watches as the ship continues to sail into the horizon. Kristoff continues in saying that Anna will be fine, adding that he believes in her and her sister should too, because she doesn't give up on the people she loves... and she always succeeds. Elsa argues that she also sometimes acts before she thinks, and worries about the dangers Misthaven might pose. As the two of them talk, we see Anna on the boat as it makes its way further and further from Arendelle. "What do we even know about this... Misthaven? How have I never heard of it?" Elsa is heard asking, and Kristoff tells her, "You might know it better by what the inhabitants call it..." "What's that?" "The Enchanted Forest." Basking in the wind, Anna continues journeying to fairytale land that was, gently placing her mittened hand over her beloved snowflake necklace. ("A Tale of Two Sisters")