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I'm sorry, my daughter, but this is what it means to be a wolf!

Anita Lucas was the mysterious leader of a pack of werewolves. The cursed daughter of Widow Lucas, Anita gave birth to Red Riding Hood, but her mother, who wasn't accepting of their family's wolf side, took in Red and concealed the truth from her. When the adult Red found out the truth, Anita and her pack took her in and taught her how to control her animal self. However, when Anita threatened to murder Red's friend, Snow White, to show her that wolves and humans can't possibly mingle, Red protects the fair princess and Anita accidentally winds up dead in the process.


Before the Curse

Anita 207
Anita is accidentally killed by her daughter. ("Child of the Moon")

Anita goes to a wizard, Knubbin, hoping to understand the dreams she has at Wolfstime. He gives her a magic cross necklace to help demystify them, and she learns that she's a werewolf. Following this, she decides to embrace the wolf part of herself and leaves her daughter Red to be raised by her mother. Granny tells Red that her mother died as a result of a hunter attack gone wrong. ("Red's Untold Tale") While on the run from the law with Snow White, Red meets Anita, who turns out to be her mother. Red learns that Granny took her from Anita when she was very young, not wanting her to know the truth about her wolf side. Anita explains that she and her pack have learned to control the wolf and no longer have to live in shame because of their primal side. She teaches Red to control the wolf, and she is finally able to. When Snow White appears in their hideout, Quinn attacks her, mistaking her for a hunter. Red explains that she is innocent and Anita demands that Quinn let her go. Red is then forced to explain the truth to Snow, and adds, with sorrow, that she can't join her in that cabin they talked about, for she has found her mother and people just like her. Snow sympathizes and they bid farewell... but then Quinn is fatally wounded by an arrow, fired by a henchman of the Queen. The guards enter their hideout and are rapidly taken out by the pack, but a grieving Anita blames Snow for Quinn's death and asks that Red kill her. Red is unwilling to, and Anita prepares to do it herself, having Snow tied up against a pillar and transforming into a wolf to eat her. However, Red transforms into a wolf as well and lunges herself at Anita, causing her to be accidentally impaled. Later, the two girls bury Anita in the woods and the two mourn for her. ("Child of the Moon")

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